Saturday, April 14, 2012

Picture Perfect ~ My Favourite Things

Thanks Heather For such a fabulous theme.

My Favourite Things

Now just tell me 'How does one not find many,Favourite Things?'
I know that I found plenty.

“With a few flowers in my garden

Half a dozen pictures

And some books

I live without envy”.

~ Lope de Vega


  1. Lovely, Millie! I think we are posting images of our favourite things all the time here on Multiply :-)
    Tea or coffee, a good book and a few cookies...perfect!

  2. A fantastic combination of fav things. I love this really colorful pic. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Amalie I think that you are absolutely correct.
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks Nik and yes there was food in my photo too!

  5. love your props and pretty favorite things, lovely shot

  6. The coffee was enjoyed and the magazines and books flicked through by me, all in the garden this very afternoon. Something I enjoy and do often. The props are a part of my favourite ceramics collection.
    Thanks Lyn.

  7. Can I join you? That looks perfect! Beautiful composition of favorite things, Milli!

    Thanks for visiting my little guys at Picture Perfect - My Favorite Things

  8. Me too, me too. Can I join you? It is a very inviting photo. I love the colors!

  9. I really love that teapot! :)

  10. Everyday's little pleasures, colours, tastes, perfumes... happyness!

  11. Lovely shot of all those pretty things!

  12. This is so colorful and beautiful... Can I come for brunch and tea?
    Your photo is so inviting. Love it !!! Creativity !!!!!!Thats you .

  13. This morning I tried twice to leave a comment and it wouldn't let me. Something about a proxy server not allowing my comment.

    All I said was I love your teapot and the jug? on the left of it. Do you remember when I first joined you had the very colourful fair teapots and how much I love the colours? Love it.

  14. This reminds me of tea parties I had when I was little. :)

  15. Lovely colors Milli....and the treats I would love to have with my coffee this morning!!

  16. Wow, Milli... what a beautiful composition. This is lovely!
    Thank you for your visit : )

  17. I still love it to bits too.

    That you for the re-visit..

    Have you still got the carocell one with the tea cups?

    1. Hmmm. Not sure Shayna if I find it I will let you know!
      Enjoyed the afternoon tea. Thanks.

  18. Ha! Just realized you did two of these. LOL It is great that you repost because it lets new friends see them.