Thursday, April 12, 2012

WEEK 7 - Technique: Creating Depth - Theme: Open

Thanks Baz For this theme.
 Depth in Your photo
Open Theme.

Below Full Moon Above the Fields.

Below Wait For Me!

Looking Up Along the Coast To Melbourne


  1. Hi Milli these are all wonderful examples I especially like the seascape thanks for contributing this week

  2. Milli - I had written this long post about your photos - and it all dussappeared!! Talk about being jolly well tucked off!! You may have noticed my kiwi appearing in this post - it comes back strong when I get annoyed!! Anyaway I think the one of the children just brilliant. I would call it a piece of art in preference to a photograph. The absence of any structure gives it a surrealistuc feel and maybe why I see it as art and not a photo! Anyway - just me but I would hang that with pride - might even send it into photo comps!! The one of the coast is such a perfect example of what Baz asks of us thi8s weeks - it is so good that it looks three dimentional The top one I like too - love the softness and the colour intensity! Love your efforts this week Milli!!

  3. Hi Keith, I understand your frustrations.
    You do comment in fine detail and give so much information about our photos that it is an absolute pleasure to read what you have to say.
    I am finding some glitches here myself.
    My reply is not working when I wish to reply to a comment.
    You can speak KIWI to me any time. lol. I love the accent.
    Now let me thank you Keith for your praises here.
    I love the B&W. It is special and I think I shall take your excellent advice.
    The seascape was captured in awful windy conditions but it is amazing what we can achieve with perseverance.
    The full moon was taken close to home and I too loved the subtle colour exuded by the moon rising as the sun set.

  4. FYI - The reply is not working here either!

  5. I love all three pics though the last one is simply stunning and it seems like it's my fav.

  6. How do I participate in this challenge and where do I leave a link if I do participate?

  7. Thank you Nik.
    I have invited you.
    Anyone else who wishes to join, just Ask here for an invite.

  8. Love them all, your camera has such lovely clarity and color and you always get good compositions, no matter what the subject!

  9. I am so digging these shots, but that coastal shot just takes my breath away...I think it's the gulls in it!

  10. I think all three of your shots fit the theme
    perfectly. All are favorites because they are all are so
    I think the pic with the moon has the most depth because it looks like
    it was shot with a wide angle lens...
    Great photos fact worthy of framing......