Sunday, April 15, 2012

Images & Words # 154 ~ Flora and/or Fauna

Lanie is our Hostess with the Most-est.

Flora And Fauna is the Theme.

Let me introduce you all to Murray.
Seven years old and quite the character these River Murray Turtles are native to our State and along the River Murray System.
Photo taken with my phone so please excuse the quality.


  1. this reminds me of a funny

    The butler answers the door and says ,
    "To whom are you calling upon?"

    " I wish to see Mr Tur-tel"

    "Sorry sir, but Mr Tur-tel is down at the well, may I tell him who called?"

    " Sure...tell him Mr Rab-bit was here with the CHIT !"

    what a handsome/pretty turtle he/she is!! cute photo...great quote

  2. LOL! This is awesome! What a fabulous shot and I love the quote.

  3. This is fantastic Milli... Your phone takes wonderful
    pictures.... The look on that aTurtles face is priceless.. I
    have never seen one before... Kool!!!
    Great quote by the way.....

  4. No fair, Sue has said what I was going to. The smile on his dial and the look in his eyes IS priceless. LOL

  5. I love turtles so much! I saved one today! I stopped on the highway cause he was trying to cross the road and I put him on the other side. :3

  6. Your phone takes fantastic photos, Milli! Love this one... very funny turtle..

  7. Cute! it looks like it's smiling! I love the photo and the words! Simply wonderful!

    Images & Words week # 154 ~ Flora & Fauna

  8. LOL!! "Peekaboo! Awfully cute photo - is he turning turtle? Love the words.

    Thanks for your delighted comment, dear!

  9. oooo so cute! Ive seen a few out on the roads lately, poor critters cant run out of the way fast enough though...

  10. wow those eyes!! looks like he is trying to psyche you out!! Hypnotise you perhaps! Really good quality photo for a phone camera.

  11. That picture is so special! Love it, love it, love it...
    Nice quote too!