Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poem Posse ~ Week 22 ~ Shadow

Evening Walk.
In the west I see the first star of the night
Beyond is an orange glow on the horizon
Blue sky still above me
Dark shadow and silhouettes
now forming a backdrop
Where once were fluffy white clouds.
Mirror sea, grey, motionless, treasure's unseen
To the shore a skeleton jetty
Once busy and bustling with people
Horses carriages industry
Now only imagined that time before
Left behind are the impressive remains of intermittent pylons on the seabed floor
Tide high and sea shore sparse
White foam surging upon the rocks
I stand above the limestone cliffs
My senses aware I watch in wonder
As another sunset descends,
Over Pt. Willunga
Verse and Photo 
by Milli...
I have reposted a poem I wrote some time ago
 for the theme this week and I hope that you enjoy it..


  1. soothing write! both complimenting each other very well...great imagery in the verse

  2. Thanks DP it is a beautiful place to be on a warm evening, just watching the sunset.

  3. Venus is looking quite lovely these evenings....nice write 'D'

  4. So is our great big full moon outside Dana and I just went out to take a few photos. Have a lovely day.

  5. i second the above comments. the imagery sparkling from the lines are inviting.
    me wanna walk on the sand. beautiful words and photo.

  6. Both verse and photo are a delight to see and read.
    Loved the prose with the occasional break into rhyme.
    This is the only prose I have read that is worthy of the name, but in the extreme.

  7. A wonderful evocation of the evening de-dawning. Enjoyed very much!

  8. As I read, I was there standing on that cliff watching the sun descend. Love the Photo, I am biased about sunsets :).

  9. Interesting how you captured the photo. The descending sun looks as if it is peaking through one of the pylons, almost as if a hole were there, or the sun burned through to make an opening.

    I find this rather nice, not just for the imagery this portends, but of the remembrance of days past and the almost quiet comfort it brings about now.


  10. I feel as if I were standing there after reading the poem

  11. Hi Milli. You know I loved this the first time so I have got to love it now.