Friday, March 13, 2009

CC#44 ~ Flavour of The Day ~


Flavour of the Day

I sent my muse on summer vacation

Returning today after such relaxation

Was she up to a challenge or reluctant somehow

I said, “Muse what can you come up with now?”

She retorted back in somewhat of a dither at first

Saying “give me a subject, if you must quench your thirst”

I thought for a moment of a word more confusing

Something that would get to the heart of her musing

I said, “ Ok then let us begin with a word for thought

A word with a citrus tang both sweet and sour” I taunt

So she replied back in haste  “ alright then shoot”

And I answered, “My word of the day be, Grapefruit”

She pondered it mindfully at her leisure

Then reported back to me that it is a pleasure

To think back to days of chewing gum

Grapefruit flavoured, pink fun. Yum!

Blowing those bubbles as big as can be

Grapefruit bubble gum reminds

My Muse

Of Me!

MilliMusings 09



Image above courtesy of a Google search.

Hope you all are ready to have some fun!

Using the phrase or word below as the theme (you don't have to use the exact words) post a poem, story or photo in your blog that has been created by you.  Please leave your link here in the comment section so we can all enjoy your Creative Challenge and don't forget to leave your blog open to everyone so we can all view your creation(s). 

The phrase or word this week: grapefruit


  1. I don't believe I have had the pleasure of grapefruit gum yet. Heavenly idea!

  2. Grapefruit Gum and Musing Milli make a chewing pair ;). Nicely done.

  3. LOL oh it is a nice flavour for bubble gum LOL Enjoy.

  4. LOL chewing is good for people you know Rashmi? LOL Thanks it was my pleasure too.

  5. love your fun poem

    not so much grapefruit lolololol

  6. LOL Milli, you are nearly too clever for your own good (just kiddin' he he). Great and fun poem and forming a perfect grapefruit flavoured bubble ....

  7. Oh Milli, I just LOVE READING your poetry - I especially enjoy putting a Shakespearean twist to it. You are EXTREMELY talented! I've always been meaning to ask - are you published yet? If not, why not? You certainly are good enough - hell, great enough! I do so enjoy your poetry, in case you haven't been able to tell.:-)

  8. very cute word play with your muse, I"ve never had grapefruit gum

  9. oh, i love it, Milli...i used to get a lot of grapefruit-flavored chewing gum when i was a child..

  10. LOVE that! ...and the grapefruit gum!

  11. Oh, Milli, a sweet and funny poem on a fruit that is bitter, somehow! Great writing!

    Thanks for your visit. Have a great weekend.

  12. Something I have never had, but I enjoyed the verse

  13. Milli that was just way too cute.

  14. Very amusing and cleverly done, but will have to take your word on the pleasure of grapefruit gum.....

  15. oi, i have a grapefruit flavored lipstick. yay!
    love your poem. it's so fun.

  16. I don't even chew gum, but can I have piece....

  17. grapefruit gum?.....never had it...(yet)...watermelon, however...mmmmm

  18. lol cute post but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww LMAO okay i can't help it i dont like the fruit of the week lmao

    Have a great week!

  19. What a fun poem. Grapefruit bubblegum sounds tangy and delightful!