Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Picture of The Month ~ February

February was a lot like this photo I took last spring here in my own garden.
As the photo seems to be in black and white with some shades of grey and blue you will notice that there is also the most beautiful and brilliant red bulb flowers too.
Now how does this photo correlate with February here in Australia. Let me explain.
We were in the last month of a Hot Dry and rainless summer here in the south of Australia after a warm and pretty spring.
Some parts of the North of our big country were in the wet season and wet it was with so much rain in some places where major flooding was causing grief and many towns were completely cut off and at the mercy of the elements.
Even now there are a few towns where flooding is still evident and they will have to wait for some time to be able to check their properties and their animals, thus their livelihoods are very much on hold.
In our state here we had to wait 80 days between rains and that is a stretch that proved to be such an unbearable wait for our neighbours in the state of Victoria. The tinder dry conditions on the fateful day in february combined with driving winds and an outside temperature that felt like a drying oven turned into a catastrophe unknown until now in Australian bushfire history.
With in excess of 1800 homes raised. A death toll still not settled and thousands of people alienated from their families, their homes that are for the most now raised to the ground. Even until this day some people are still unable to even enter their premises because of further investigations
The ground scape to the viewer has gone from bush land and beautiful surroundings full of people places birds and animals to one of black,white and sooty grey.
However there is always some bright and beautiful moments that can be gleaned from all this chaos and destruction. The stories that have come through from the non stop coverage that all of us were able to tune into at any time of the day gave us glimpses of miracles that made the grief a little more bearable. All those angels who now watch over their loved ones from above have a place in our history here in Australia. Maybe this is of little comfort for the many who have lost loved ones and friends in the tragedy that unfolded on this Black Saturday in February 2009 and for some time after these fires still raged causing grief and more destruction and loss of life.
Bright in this Picture of February Despair is the pulling together, the collections and actions of so many in their attempt to right the wrongs. There was such a public out poor that showed the motto of the Australian Psyche
We Are One
In this February a battle was fought  and there were many casualties. Never to be forgotten though, will be the generosity and the pulling together of the average Australians for their fellow Aussies.
I am proud of my fellow Aussies and their show of strength for each other in tough times.
One more thank you here from Us Aussies to all of the below...
Firefighters from here and aboard
Police from here and aboard.
Emergency Service Personal.
Businesses,Suppliers,Delivery Persons, Personalities
And every generous donation supplied monetary.helpfulness, prayers and
Good Will.
On a personal note the month of February had some wonderful and memorable moments here and the end of the heatwave was such a welcome to us all.
The Autumn has brought with it the Indian Summer and a renewed interest in the garden. Now this month is off on a good start and I wish you all well too!.
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Sorry Dani I was late.


  1. don't know if I could adjust to summer all year long

  2. Good blog Ms Milli - good interpretation for the month of February - very different in NSW although we did have our heatwave but nothing at all like the Victorian and South Australian conditions for February. The photo for sure is a good representation of the month of February and is that Lantana I see there too in the shadows?? In the language of flowers it means rigor which can mean a harsh or trying circumstance; hardship or a harsh or cruel act. so that too seems to fit into the theme for February. Thanks for a look at your February!!

  3. Hi Dana and nor could I live in a climate of a continuous long hot summers. no way. The Indian Summer I refer too here now in Autumn is another way of describing a beautiful autumn as it gently turns to a cold winter. But not like you have winter we are more mild thank goodness for that in someways.

  4. I'm all for 80 degrees year round

  5. Keith you are so astute to see the little flower in the top left and it is Sweet Alice and it seems to mean .
    Sweet Alyssum
    - worth beyond beauty.
    As for the bulbs they are..
    - I am dazzled by your charm..
    Thanks so much for your comment and visit.
    Always it is my pleasure to have you visit.

  6. I love daytime warmth and night time cool and rain once a week giving a wonderful soak to the garden and refreshing us with it. I ask too much?

  7. What a beautiful image Milli and a great tale of February in your country, both hardship and beauty!

  8. What a gorgeous photo Keith and I can see the similarity here with the Lantana flower.
    A beautiful photo indeed. I love it.

  9. Thanks Mia. Blessings to You and Yours.

  10. This is so very precious Milli...

  11. Milli what a beautiful shot and blog.Glad things have settled down for you all there.

  12. a very beautiful photograph. can't believe spring's almost over there. we are still waiting for spring here.

    and yes, hurray to Aussies for making it through with what seemed like a hell-ish February.

  13. Oh Milli, please don't worry about the date!! I'm sincerely thankful that you're actually taking part! And taking part in such a great way! The picture is awesome and the story that goes with it... Oh well, quite moving... A truly battle, isn't it? We've heard a lot here about your situation there... Really sad.
    Let's hope for a good start...
    Thanks again ;-)