Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture Perfect ~ Loud ~

Imagine this GTS Holden Monaro's Loud V8 engine,Loud Cd player blasting, Loud and vibrant yellow colour, a heady twin pipe exhaust and you have one Seriously Loud Vehicle.

Photo taken at night very quickly as I walked past this beautiful old car. No time to get all of her in as the lights changed and She was off.

~ Loud ~

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GTS Monaro


  1. Looks like it's speeding off -- in motion, nice /:-)

  2. Neat shot Milli and can imagine how loud it can be.

  3. Oooooooo was waiting on this - worth the wait!! A great surprise and loud yeah!! I like the effort you took just to get something.

  4. reminds me of my 68 400 big block..........

  5. Whoa loud for sure....awesome shot and love the angle and motion!! What a catch...right place at the perfect time! Amazing....

  6. Oh yeah, I remember those as being loud! Our dogs go completely nuts when one of those old muscle cars goes by! ;) This is a really good one. ;)

  7. As an Aussie (albeit an Canadian Aussie) I know what an old sooped up Monaro sounds like...
    sic mate, sic!

  8. great photo milli...great to have this awareness and thought in mind as you go looking for photos for picture-perfect..

  9. Mili the Magnificent
    Ear Splitting sound erupting along with a wild roar.
    Gushing exhaust fumes filled with nauseous products of combustion.
    Vibrating air creating physical giddiness, yet once again a perfect shot
    Sharp panel joints, with just the rear light showing rapid acceleration.

  10. I love the colour and lighting effect in the photo : )