Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is 

Love is warmth

In an eager embrace

Love is divine

Given in grace

Love is a Dance 

To a melodious tune 

Lover's embracing beneath silver moon

Love has its trials and love has it day

When  sunshine and smiles seem to fall clear away

Then Love bounces back in unexpected pleasure

Because with pure love there will never be measure

Love is like glue as it binds and seals

As more of it's strengths in time it reveals.

Love like fine wine settles with time

To taste love matured is simply, sublime



Milli 09





Now as Valentine's Hearts are strewn around

Remember for each heart given with love 

That another may be found.

Milli 09









  1. ... and Milli ... let the dance never end.

    You may remember me doing this awhile back ago.

    May your Valentine fill you beyond completeness.

  2. aaawwww soo sweet milli!!!! i love the poem!!! happy heart's day!!!

  3. She has yellow roses, Chinese with my special rice and a bottle of Sauvignon South Australia.
    I am cooking, serving and maybe I'll even wash up. No don't think so that's over doing it. lol
    What else can I say except wishing you a nice one too.

  4. "Love like fine wine settles with time
    To taste love matured is simply, sublime"

    that's graciously sweet.

  5. So very beautiful & true. Happy Valentine's to YOU, Milli!

  6. You are so creative! Enjoy smiles, hugs and good wine all day Milli.

  7. Beautiful, hope you had a wonderful day

  8. Dear Milli...hope you had a lovely Valentine's day...wishing you lots of love in the year and years ahead...

  9. Hi thanks for great song n sharing valentine day thoughts with us keep it up