Sunday, February 1, 2009

Colour Up Your Life..



Did you know the colours that you choose for your environment can work for or against you?

I found a lovely little colour horoscope and posted it below. Read it through and tell me how you feel about the colours you choose to colour your environment with and the effect that they have on your life?

I love the bright colours like red, orange,burgundy however I am also very drawn  to turquoise blue and green.

Purple is a colour which also appeals to my colour senses. Although I have a feeling that one day soon I will colour some of my environment with cornflower blue or wisteria and team it with white. Now what does that say about me?

The dramatics are also in abundance in my love for colour with my affinity to place red and black together. Maybe this year painting some rooms in my house is on the agenda using these colours. How about you?

Your Color Horoscope
A preference for a certain color reveals much about your inner desires, according to the theories of German color psychologist Heinrich Frieling. To learn what color has to tell you, use this chart, developed by interior designer Debra A. Wade, and choose the shade you find most appealing. The text that matches that color shows qualities you have or would like more of in your life.

Turquoise. Insight, progressive thinking, healing.
Red. Self-motivation, leadership, generosity.
Chartreuse. Flexibility, growth, expansion.
Pink. Support, nurturing. sympathetic understanding.
Black. Self-sufficiency, individualism, protection.
Burgundy. Adventure, emotional play and expression.
Green. Clear perception, self-recognition, compassion.
Orange. Quick-thinking, intuition, independence.
Yellow. Communication, observation, analysis.
Blue. Clear thinking, diligence, organization.
Mint. Self-healing, tranquility, time-out.
Indigo. Self-reliance, clear and holistic thought.
White. Cleansing, protective, simplification.
Gray. Need a vacation, acute sensibility, calming.
Purple. Artistry, spirituality, culture.
Yellow Orange. Life-promoting creativity, quickness.

Milli 09


  1. I'm Green Orange Yellow Blue
    Pretty well covered in the secondary colours, Magenta and Cyan

  2. Bill that is a nice mix of colours now what colours have you used in your environment or did you wife make the decorating decisions there?

  3. I lean toward earth tones for the house......colorful for my clothes

  4. I think many of us do Dana. Earth tones are solid and warm. Clothes full of colour and especially colours to suit your mood is good.

  5. my coat you would love....muti-colored leather with a SWestern print

  6. Nice pic Milli, are they shoelaces? Yes, I can see those preferences of yours in your photos ...
    I'm at turquoise and purple gal, but also blues, greens and yellow.
    My house is rimu and white and lots of green. And of course heaps of color on the walls in the form of our art.

  7. I think I would Dana it sounds very nice. Photograph it sometime?

  8. Mia your home sounds serene and I am sure that it sends out a very peaceful message but also with excitement too with you art and artefact's.

  9. Well of course I loose, they are all pastel but I choose the mix.
    I was happy to leave such decisions to my wife when working, so I think it is only fair that she controls such things now I'm retired. Great believer in fair play me. lol

  10. As it is best to be Bill... smiling here....

  11. this is very interesting Milli, I notice these are all positive (wonder if colors provoke any negativity?)
    turquoise is my favorite color but when it comes to clothes black and white are my favorites (hmmm)
    my living room is red, and my bedroom is an aqua/mint color...purple is also another color I love
    I like mostly cool colors, except that red is not cool (hmmm)
    this is a very colorful photo what are these?

  12. I usually go for white, black, purple, magenta, a bit of yellow and orange, green and the rich(like on velvet) or sky blues. oy! that covers most colours. I also seem to have preferences for certain things in certain colours, I like the turquoise in water. My walls are usually white or Ivory.

  13. I really like most colors except pink. I've got clothes from turquoise to black and earth tones for our house. I must say, I do like gray as well. Guess I need a vacation. LOL This was great fun, Thanks, Milli!

  14. I would have to say that out of all of these colours yellow and mint are my favourites here. But I tend to go for earthy colours.

  15. this is very interesting.
    as you could tell, i love pink
    but i do prefer blacks for outfits.

  16. I love color accents, but since I rent all the walls are off-white. I'm thinking of redoing the decor, and now I'm torn. Should I surround myself with colors reflecting where I am or where I want to be. Oh, Milli, the questions your blogs prompt!

  17. I love all colors, but especially the blue green family, although I'm a sucker for cherry red, & also the buttery yellows. Right now I'm enjoying a bit of gray--calming & it makes the walls seem to disappear, a nice soft pearly gray seems particularly nice to me now.

  18. I'm an earth toner...

    but I occasionally like to wear a lovely light chartreuse....


    Interesting post Milli.....hope all is well downunder

  19. Danette yes dull colours when they are all that you see in a day will promote a low feeling in some people. you seem also to appreciate lots of colour in your life too. Now these are strips of coloured cord fabric I found at a stall in a market. Sorry I did not get their actual name and I do not know what they are used for. It was the colour and texture that caught my eyes...

  20. Rashmi many people have walls of a more neutral colour from which to work as a basis for their colour preferences. Then again I have also known people who are monochromatic in their outlook and this is very evident in their environments too. elegant it can be but it would be a bit tiresome all the time I feel. You on the other hand seem to embrace colour and to have that feel for turquoise right now speaks of how you are feeling at this moment...God Bless your Mum Rashmi and Your family and you too.
    Turquoise. Insight, progressive thinking, healing.

  21. LOL I bet that you would love a vacation Marcia....Nice choices you have in colour too.

  22. Ronnie I only know you through blogging but I would say those colours suit your personality well.

  23. Deity you are PINK! and be Proud as you are a very feminine lady at that and funny too!

  24. Cris when I think of you I see the most beautiful blues and purples and such crisp clear colours. I see orange and red there too and yes make the colours stand for the new you employing both the old and the new...go where you want to be!

  25. Joy are you caving right now? Waiting to add more colours to the grey? Or are you contemplating things as they are wishing for no boundaries in your life?

  26. A lovely light chartreuse green Seth would be a wonderful colour for you. You could hide in any new spring leafed forest at any time you please and no one will see you for the those light green new leaves on those trees. LOL only kidding.
    All is well down here even though we are in a heatwave, Thankfully there is a sea breeze today.
    Hope all is good there for you too Seth.