Friday, January 30, 2009

Creative Challenge #38 ~ Delicious ~


Chicken N Chips

It has been hot in Aussie land

So off to the beach to cool by water on sand

Our delightful couple Pammie and Joe

A popular surfing couple a few decades ago

Called in on their way to the local store

To buy some delicious chicken and more

For them it is customary to eat down by the shore

Whilst fighting off flies and seagulls, galore!

Pammy and Joe have eaten many times this way

It is an Aussie tradition I have to say

As for the food which do they enjoy the best


Pammie loves drumsticks and Joe loves breasts!!!




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It has been a heatwave here for many days now, so people do venture to the beach to escape the 40 degree Celsius plus heat which by the way is not going to let up for a while it seems.

I read about this video in the news and please click on it if you wish to view a scene that we do not like to see or encounter whilst at the beach. I think Joe's surfboard is just for show these days.. Especially after viewing this.

Spinner Shark


  1. couldn't help but laugh at the accompanying photo...

  2. lol..thats funny..and really clever!

  3. Let me give some insight..We did go to the beach the other night and we stopped to get some provisions. I spotted these two in the store in front of the take away Chicken and chips sign. I had to take the photo as it tickled my fancy to no end. when I uploaded the photo with the sand at their feet and all I had to write something for the photo and this was perfect....thanks for commenting.

  4. LOL Taken from Life in Aus. Thanks for your comment .

  5. Thanks Heather and I hope that is gives you warm chuckles too.

  6. LOL that is soooo funny and the photo is hilarious, very cute indeed!

  7. LOL well done, finger licking good - the photo is great!

  8. Nah you can eat all that you like and still retain that wonderful figure of bygone days..LOL

  9. I've sat for 80 days.....5 extra pounds will be gone in two weeks but it will hurt for a few days

  10. LOL
    we have had rain reain and more rain here... too cool for the beach though 50's and 60's (f)

  11. That must have been quite a sight to see while out surfing! I'd never heard of a Spinner Shark before. Very interesting - nice video. I'm guessing that's not what the person with the camera expected to see. Are they dangerous? We have great white sharks along the California coast, just like you folks do. They generally take out one abalone diver a year. Not necessarily killing them, but causing great bodily harm, that's for sure.

    Love those little figures. I got a big laugh out of them. I think I'd prefer Chicken and Chips to Fish and Chips any time. Although I do have to say, I enjoy Fish and Chips a lot if they're done properly. :-)

  12. Blimey Milli you've put on a bit of weight?
    Have a nice day and don't get any sand in the drum sticks. lol
    Heard of Sand Fly Fever?
    Not your latitude I guess.

  13. chicken and chips me like.
    that's very entertaining.
    you summer? snow here!

  14. Love this! We have often taken a small grill, everyone would bring a dish or dessert to share. We were beach buddies enjoying until the mosquitoes would chase us away.

  15. omg milli too funny hun I love it!

  16. LOL I liked that one very much - some real Australian delicious food there

  17. Food always tastes so much better at the beach.

  18. that would be nice to eat chicken on the beach...hope the heat wave subsides soon...

  19. This is so hilarious.. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Did I tell you I am glad to have you in my life?

  20. love it and love the picture had to steal it..hugs jooslx

  21. love the lilting rhythm and humor in this! I clicked on the video but nothing happened.

  22. I bet Joe does!! A lovely, humorous piece Milly, and i've seen on the news that Australia is suffering from overwhelming heat at the moment, while here in tthe UK we have had 10 inches of snow forecast tonight!
    I enjoyed this Millie, much humour in ordinary lives; all around us if we look for it.