Monday, February 2, 2009

Poetry Posse ~ Kisses and Roses ~


Kisses and Roses

At seventy-five, you may wonder why

This habit of mine I cannot break, even if I try

You see I sit in my parlour from three until four

Waiting for that special knock on the door

Understanding full well that you are not here

I am still living on memories fond, I fear

Sometimes I read those special love cards

Written on finest paper using quotes of The Bard's

Dearest Kathleen, I read at the top of the page

My love for you my darling is causing such rage

Our stolen moments together give me everything I need

You are a part of my being, thus I must concede

Until my last breath on this mortal plane

I will come to your door again and again

Between three and four of an afternoon

When we can dance and sing before we spoon

My love for you may seem to some

A little naughty and just some fun

Kathleen you know it is not this way

If things were different with you I would stay


You would write me sonnets and love messages

And I would write back to you such loving exchanges

We found this love and so powerful it be

When I was sixty-nine and you seventy-three

There are rules to obey in this older citizens home

My small quarters has a beautiful parlour room

For you it was a room of very less space

So it was always in my parlour, where we came face to face.

Six months now and as I sit alone in my beautiful parlour

I reminisce about our rendezvous, for that special hour

Kisses and roses come to my mind all over again

On each card that you gave me are roses with kisses, drawn under them

I have these special cards and my memories too

And I know that one day I will be with you

We found each other later in life, much later than so many others do

So now I sit here my love, smelling my roses and sending those sweet kisses, back to you.


Milli 09.


Poetry Posse Tour.

My appreciation and thanks to Poem Posse for the achievement award this week. Muhahh!


  1. "When we can dance and sing before we spoon" this is a wonderful line to this lovely poem

  2. Thanks Danette....I am glad that you enjoyed. Smiles!


  3. a wealth of depth , beautiful words of past , loved it .

  4. Milli, this is lovely! Very well done, so very sweet and moving!

  5. Thank You Rosie I am thrilled that you loved it.

  6. Dear Sue I am so happy to see you here. You write such human and moving poetry it's always with pleasure that I welcome you to read mine.

  7. its beautiful....simply beautiful.

  8. I love writing poetry in french, I did once before write one or two in English but words just don't come easily to me.
    I had a great pleasure reading you and even if I'm not used to read in English I'll come back again and again to read more and more ;)
    Hugs and Kisses from France, Babs

  9. morning Milli~~~~to love and be loved is the human hearts desire at any age...

  10. Thank You Babs and welcome to my Friend circle too. You will be more than welcomed and as for me my French is very limited however some of my friends here do speak fluent French so you will not feel alone.
    Hugs and Kisses from Australia.

  11. Good Morning Dear Dana and you are so very correct in this statement..Love is not only for the young it is for all who are willing to open their hearts.

  12. reading this brought tears to my eyes. how love can be so grand that it touches all ages, defying wrinkles and all. it's so beautiful.

    it should be a song.


    you wrote really fast, huh?

  13. oh so tender and dear ... I loved reading this. It made me think of my Grandparents. The rhythm is dancing!

  14. Awww so sweet and proof that love can be found at any age.

  15. Congratulations my dearest, come and claim your Achievement Award. ^&^


  17. This is a wonderful poem which makes all sensual people to understand what love is.