Friday, January 16, 2009

Creative Challenge #36 ~ Peaceful is The Night.



Peaceful is The Lovers Night

Two lovers sit on a porch, this a Summers night

With a cooling breeze and stars in sight

 Swaying gently on a swinging seat made for two

Bathed in moonlight before them are lights of the harbours eve view


Embracing as they sit whilst sharing a passionate lovers kiss

A cherished moment in time for them both and such pure bliss

For ever thank full for the moment when on that fateful day

His eyes met hers where she on a white sandy beach relax and lay


 Six!!! That darn beach cricket, tennis ball went well astray

And from out of no where it came her way

Knocking her sun glasses off her face, as outwards her arms did suddenly flay

What a total surprise for her on that relaxing holiday


Oh! the shock of a tennis ball hitting her head

"What the bloomin' heck was that? She loudly said

As he came running towards her as gallantly as can be

His eyes met hers and it was then that he said calmly to she


"Are you ok?  I am sorry about that,

Beach cricket is great fun when one gets to bat

But I have just had the biggest thrill of my life

 And now wonder.... Are you available to be my wife?"


Still dazed by what had gone on in the moments preceding

She thought her day at the beach would be for sunning and reading

No way had she expected to be hit in the head

Let alone also finding a new, Very Best Friend.


You see when the eyes of the lovers met for the first time

The feeling was mutual and quite sublime

A feeling of knowing from forever and a day

Was the feeling they both felt from that unusual meeting, right up until today.


Now many years have passed by like a surreal dream

With so much happening in between

It will be tonight on their special anniversary eve

 Sharing together this special time embracing with love, both, to give and receive


Intimately sharing the joys of passion by candle light

 As passions subside they embrace once more both aware that now peaceful is their night.

As with many lovers whenever their love for each other in passion and desire unites

Love becomes their comfort and these be especially beautiful and blissfully peaceful nights.


Milli 09











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  1. if this be true
    anniversary today
    best wishes to you
    come from my way

    and big HUGS..; ))

  2. A beautifully scripted story... a journey of love

  3. Milli this is like a fairytale come true and there is love flowing softly (and powerfully) here!

  4. Milli... I agree with Danette... like a fairytale but, actually, a true story, maybe... Wondering who the characters are... Anyway, whoever they can be, great and sweet moments they must have of that coincidence...

  5. Dana it is not my story unfortunately, but it is a story compiled by me from observing many of the love stories that I have ben privy to along my way. To see people united in and through love no matter how the circumstances prevailed is a very wondrous part of being human. I compile and write from my observations and then bring forth parts of my own experiences as well.
    Anniversaries between those who love are always special bonding times but it really pays I think to use those between days as special days too. My thoughts.. LOL
    Big Hugs and Thank You

  6. Yes it is a journey of Love as Love is a journey and not the destination...

  7. Thank you Danette for the interpretation of this poem story as I intended it to be.

  8. Always welcome Belita and life does throw us all curve balls at times least expected. I am so glad that you enjoyed. This is fiction and creative expression with basis from my observations.

  9. Oh Milli how beautiful a story.....***sighs*** and thinks do men still exist that are like that? lol
    Have a great weekend hun.

  10. Oh and thanks for coming to see me!

  11. Milli Love and for that matter life is always such a great journey and you have described it so well.

  12. You were square leg then?
    Could have been worse at silly mid on. lol

  13. It doesn't matter how the love story begins, main thing is that it is a success (and so is this poem)

  14. oh wow, very very great love story...and that is how I expect to meet someone again..when I least expect it and probably by getting wounded in some way.(lol, I hope on that last part)

  15. They actually do!!!! and some women too!

  16. Rita you know how to write a good love story too. thanks for stopping by.

  17. LOL here it is a done thing any day on the beach you will find the bat the tennis balls and the make shift stumps LOL and usually you aim for the ball to go into the water. Fun in the sun!

  18. LOL Takes my English friend to discuss 'the match' LOL.

  19. Thanks Pat I am happy that you commented.

  20. Yah!!! Vickie yes I got to Say Id love to read that this happened to you too one day..soon.

  21. What a romantic love story in the form of a poem. It's nice to read that their love lasted. There is something about the water and the peaceful night that brings out love, that's for sure.

  22. Nice stories abound..:)