Saturday, January 17, 2009

Australia Day. 2009


Next weekend promises to be very busy here. We have so much on for the Australia Day Long Weekend that squeezing all the fun in, will take some organisation.


A very Australian Day .


The photos below were taken last year on the Australia Day Long Weekend, as I played photographer for the day in and around my vicinity.

In a previous post I have made a reference to Beach Cricket and below is a photo of an area on the beach set aside for this must play game on any beach here. At the time this photo was taken the players were out to lunch so to speak, however all the beach users respect the stumps and the sitting balls and make a detour as they pass them by.

Usually the game is used as a past time for those spending whole days at the beach, giving them some action besides swimming, playing Frisbee or beach volley ball which Aussies love to play by the way.

There is much to do on a good day at the beach and many Aussies will visit their beach's over this holiday period.


Start for the sprint races.


The Tour Down Under is a big feature here at this time also. One day on our doorstep gives us much exposure and the turn out this year will be unparalleled as Lance Armstrong joins the Ride. The 24th of January will be our districts turn to host this amazing event


Seriously Proud and showing it!


Also on offer will be the Compass Cup the very unusual Cow Race that stops, not a nation, but many Small Country Towns.

You may remember last year when Family members did us proud with their placing in this udder-ly disorganised and funny spectacle. Below is a photo to jog the mammary, Oops memory. No takers for the ride as yet this year as our jockey is expecting a baby in April.

As well as the above the social activities abound with the addition of Fairs, Auction Days, Community breakfasts and celebrations all around. I will have my camera at the ready and share the fun that takes place over this period.

We Aussies show our flag proudly and as we all join to celebrate Australia Day here I wish those of you Aussies abroad a Very Fun Filled and Happy Australia Day.

Milli 09.

Part Of The Tour Downunder Road Track as the entourage pass by.

Cars following the race.

Below is a photo of Beach Cricket usually played on a beautiful warm Summers Day in Australia.

A Good Old Game of Beach cricket Australia Day 2008 

Stubborn is a cow in a Cow Race.

There must be an easier way?


  1. Hey! I saw my Barbadian flag up there! The blue and yellow one with the black trident! This was a cool blog, Milli! I can feel your excitement1 It must be fun! I look forward to the pictures!

  2. Wow Teri that's an amazing coincidence out of all the flags in the world I had one of yours in this photo.
    I will try my best for some more good piccies.

  3. Great photos and sounds like good fun Milli! Enjoy your day!

  4. Looks fun!!! Will wait for the photos!
    Have a great weekend, Ms. M!

  5. Looks like a blast hope you have as much fun this year !!!

  6. Sounds like fun, wish I could come!

  7. This sounds really interesting....Wish I could attend.

  8. hey...Millie...i enjoyed your cool photos...good job...thanks for sharing, my Aussie friend. !!!..SANAT, CHICAGO.

  9. The shot of the empty beach and a drunken stump?
    The Six o'clock Swill and the Australian Crawl? I specialise in that.
    Horizontally. lol
    See off a few cans for me.
    Have a nice time in that land of the free.
    I was in the centre of Paris transferring a reservation.
    The girl after asking questions said, ' You from Australia?
    'No miss I'm a cockney.'
    She went quiet. lol
    Trouble with these beedin foreigners they don't understand the lingo. lol

  10. Oh that looks like such great fun, Milli! You've taken some great photos last year - can't wait to see the ones you'll take this year. So, is this the Australia Day Long Weekend? This is a long weekend for most folks here as it's a national holiday on Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a great leader of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S., and was assassinated in April 1968. This holiday celebrates his birth on January 15, 1929. The holiday, like many in the U.S. is celebrated on the Monday nearest the actual day - that way, we get a long weekend. ;-)

  11. Marcia it is next weekend as Australia Day is the 26th of January. Enjoy your long weekend and have some Fun!!! I left 2 Links in the post, one for the Tour Down under and One for Australia Day and I hope that you might take a peak at those too if you have time and energy.

  12. Great shots Milli. Loved seeing them. Monday here is a holiday although I hardly know what for but certainly will be thinking of Australia on the 26th.

  13. If this heatwave keeps up, I will be spending Australia Day in the pool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pics Milli

  14. Thanks Ronnie thinking of you there too.

  15. Yes Chezz it sure is a hottie and we get some sea breezes here. I think the pol sounds a great place to be but remember your hat LOL.

  16. We have shade sails over our pool so we are safe from the sun.