Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I am ~ Waxing Gibbous.


Waxing Gibbous

As I looked up into the Northern Sky

There it was to the east but too not high

The waxing Gibbous moon so clear to see

In the still blue sky where it sat so beautifully

Wispy Pink clouds scattered across in patches over blue

As Luna's Luminosity comes shining through.

This view today yes it holds good memories for me

Because now looking up through the tall palm tree

  Revisited are my thoughts of this garden when new

 Stopping for a moment to Revisit the past, yes it is true

 Where an old Washingtonia robusta now stands on view

 And I still remember it as a small babe, struggling through

  A tiny cramped pot, where there was no room

For this magnificent palm to spread and bloom.

I took the plunge and planted it here

Planted many seasons ago with memories so dear.

As The waxing Gibbous Moon reflects its glow

There is something else you need to know

There was a time when this moon shone for me

And a baby girl began, her life's journey

Born I was on that May Day

While the Waxing Gibbous Moon, showed the way.

Milli 2008


Above Waxing Gibbous Moon

Below Full Moon Night April 2008

The Waxing Gibbous Moon

    The waxing gibbous Moon is very nearly full and illuminated generally from the right. This phase of the Moon is seen to rise sometime in the afternoon when few people are looking at the sky. This is why it usually goes unnoticed until it gets dark at sunset. By that time the gibbous Moon is well above the southeastern horizon. The Moon is in this phase for nearly a week between first quarter and full. Just a day or so before Full Moon the waxing gibbous Moon appears nearly full and might be mistaken for a full Moon. The Moon in this phase sets just shortly before sunrise.

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  1. Lovely Poem....sweet shot.....and thank you I was not familar with the name gibbous...familar with the moon at this stage but not what it's called

  2. uh I lernt a bit about the moon....
    youse a good teacherer lady.....

  3. Ours was gorgeous last night...but no stately palm. You moonchild, you! Nice pix.

  4. Thanks Geo. I will place the shots in a larger format if you can not enlarge them..

  5. I think Cris the moon has been very much a feature down here lately because the skies have been s clear..Yeah I am a moon-child LOLLLLLL!

  6. Yes Geo loves to shoot the moon....................and well she does with it at that.

    Great poem Milli.

  7. wow excellent poem Milli and the story therein. Perfect!!!

  8. My - this is out of this world! I have read a couple this time around that are some of the best poetry reads ever! I think yours is one of them--congratulations-- your penning is beautiful! HUGS!

  9. Love the story(I feel its real though), the lovely flow of the words twining the Moon, Growth and Life, perfect. Reminds me of someone else who was born in the waxing gibbous. just 4 days before a full moon. ;). you know who :).

  10. Thanks Rita and I know how well Geo takes photos of the our celestial neighbours..

  11. I thank you so very much for your very encouraging comment and your response is so very well received from me. I enjoyed your poem too.... very much.

  12. So glad Keith that you stopped by and read it and then such a lovely comment too.

  13. Ah Rashmi you are so perceptive and also with such a moon at your birth I think receptive too. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading so often..

  14. Lovely story planting a tree that grew with the moon when you were born - nice poem

  15. Great writing Milli, I didn't know this about the moon lol!
    Wish I could see the pic larger sniff, sniff

  16. What a wonderful poem!! I absolutely love your poetry and look forward to reading it. I had no idea that that's what that type of moon was called. I can remember seeing the moon in the sky at around 4 pm and then it setting after the morning light. I always wondered how the mood did that! ;-D
    Take good care!
    Hugs - Marcia

  17. You are such a talented writer Milli! Very nice poem. Great story too.

  18. I love this! Thanks for visiting mine.

  19. Milli

    this is a wonderful poem! I love the phrase "waxing gibbous" It has a lovely alliterative feel to it. To do this on a full moon too! :o)

    Excellent babes!

    Nessie x

  20. Wonderful shot and poem Milli ....Thanks for sharing....

  21. All the good words have been taken?? Well AMAZING!! WORD WIZARD. HUGS.

  22. Word Wizard, Moon Meister, May Flower?
    What words you conjure up to direct us so
    Pulling us nearer to your births moon glow
    Safe in arms that gently embrace
    Your positivity a part of your grace.
    You are a charming friend.
    Thank you.

  23. Thanks so much Pat..your share of memories was fantastic too!

  24. I have moon pictures on the next post Mia and will organise an album for them here too. thank you.

  25. Marcia comments like yours here encourage me to write..I thank you dearly..Love reading your insights too!
    Hugs!- Milli...

  26. I want to send this greeting to You All My Friends who stop by my posts and either read or contribute....
    Love from Milli xoxo.

  27. Yes Nessie very much so on a big full night too.
    Thanks Dear..hugs to you.

  28. Thank you too Joel and it is so good to see you here.

  29. Nicko you do pretty well these days yourself mate..Bug hugs and thanks.

  30. Always a big thrill for me
    When my friends accompany
    In the written word dear Bill
    Gives much pleasure and such a thrill.
    Hugs from Milli.

  31. We are now verging on Full here too. thanks Aditi. Enjoy!

  32. now you've taught me about the moon
    I'm going to sail over it in a balloon
    just to see that your right if you please
    or is it really just a blob of cheese??

  33. I know you write with that cheesy expression
    and I know that you have the wrong impression
    Of the lunar waxing up above
    But I know you are sending all your love LOL
    Thanks Iffy.

  34. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .............

  35. This is a beautifully written poem, Milli, and a lovely account.