Sunday, November 9, 2008

Creative challenge ~ Magic Moonbeams.


I dedicate this Verse to:
Harry, Hannah, Hamish and Asha-Lea....... and since writing this we now have Ethan and Blake.

Magic ~ Moonbeams

I have magic, do you want some

Well ok then follow me

Don’t hesitate. Come

Now!! Where shall we go, first My Dear

Oh! I know. No need for fear

We can watch the moonbeams

Dancing off the darkened sea

Silver ripples surrounded by big! black Gee!!

I have forgotten the stars

So look to the North, South, East and West

Which star do you think twinkles, the! brightest?

Another thing here at your feet

When you dig in your toes, it’s such a treat

Sand! The magic of the times

One speck you hardly see, so fine

When grouped together, its job defined

Now as we feel the water on our toes

OOH!! So Cold!, You felt that?

Wow! See! back it goes.

You know

There is Magic everywhere

And it is up to you to stop and stare

The Wonders of Our home called Earth

The Beauty of a New Days Birth

Is lent to us as magic

Seen, felt, heard

Magic is here for all to observe

Venture forth with eyes anew

God Gave us Magic

And its all for


Milli 2006


  1. This is very nice, and I could see the magic bouncing throughout this. I really do like the original presentation above, as well. The background used gives this an appealing strength. 8=)

  2. Thanks so much Bill the original photo is one I took of moonbeams on the sea and lost when my pc crashed a few years ago. Luckily I had this part saved on Yahoo. Lovely comments thank you so much.

  3. There is nothing quite like the sight of moonbeams on water. You have captured that and so much more, with your beautiful poem full of magic. TY for sharing Milli.

  4. Great poem Milli! Unfortunately I can't see any pic, I will come back later and see if it's any different then.

  5. Super poem - you have got the whole night scenery romatically involved

  6. Excellent poem, Milli. You have magic...indeed!

    Thanks for your visit. Have a nice day.

  7. magic is everywhere??????
    bullshit...its in the poetry you create..........

  8. I could take up paddling again? lol

  9. There is magic in moobeams (lots of enthusiasm in this poem)...just precious!

  10. Fun, lilting full of smiles and magic

  11. That's a wonderful trip to moonbeams. ;-)

  12. I have come back here to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and reaction to my poem..So! Now..Come with me and let us all see the beauty........