Thursday, November 13, 2008

Many Moon Phases ~ Photos.and Lunar Phases Explained.

Many Moons by Milli.
Taken 11/11/08
"Lest We Forget."
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Above and Below.
Full Moon Rising April 2008
Taken in April 2008 From the Horse paddock as the full moon comes into view from behind the hills.
The horses and Gilly the dog.
Moon Shots from Oct 10th
I have been oranging and fat,
carrot colored, gaped at,
allowing my cracked o’s to drop on the sea
near Venice and Mombasa.
Over Maine and Adelaide I have rested.
~Anne Sexton
Now a replay of the Red Moon Eclipse.
These photos are a few of the photos taken with both a video camera and still photos shot from my home by two of my sons, as we all celebrated a birthday on the same night.
Milli 2008.


Here Men from The Planet Earth
First Set Foot upon The Moon
July, 1969 AD
We Came in Peace for All Mankind



Blue Moon - Richie Valence


  1. way way cool photos and the moon phase diagram is so interesting. The horses sure make the photos a little different too in particular the moon beams in their eyes

  2. Thanks Keith...I actually do not have the right camera as in, my little point and shoot for night shots but what I have taken here has not worked out too badly. So glad that you enjoyed.

  3. Excellent photos and info Milli...thanks so much...

    I was however a bit confused..I thought I was going to see you mooning Gibbous.... Oh well I did learn something from your blog so I'm thankful for that... :-)

    Hope all is well down under....

  4. PS: you have an incredible view from your home by the way....

  5. Gawd....all this moonin about....I'm gettin all mooned out....lmao

  6. great and interesting blog thanks

  7. Loved the photos and the chart. The chart was missing the blue moon though. lol

  8. The moon shots are fine, but why constantly remind one of one's deficiency lol

  9. Very interesting, Milli. What breed dog is in the photo? It looks just like a wild dog or a wolf! lol