Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking for a Halloween video I stumbled on Ms Swan. I am hooked now.


Halloween is around the corner so to speak and I was looking at Youtube videos to see what was about. I stumbled onto Ms Swan and Now I am hooked. PS I hope you like the photos ( more photos coming in a future post) here I have made for Halloween from a little camera excursion to different Haunts around my area. He He.

So without further adieu I introduce you to the madcap comedy of Ms Swan. You might already know her if you do not please let me know what you think?



The first video is the halloween one and the second I am placing here is about Ms Swan in customs. There are more and if you enjoyed you can click on others to watch from








Link about the Ms Swan series is here.

Link about the actress who plays Ms Swan is here.


  1. I too, like Miss Swan, started slimming.
    My wife gathered up the bones and put me to work.
    Never been the same since, but oh boy do I rattle.

  2. OMGosh! These clips were so very funny; I laughed so hard I thought I'd wet myself. Off to watch more of them. Do you know where this show airs? I've never even heard of it. Thank you for sharing, these are great!

  3. Hi all my humorous friends here. I had never heard of her before either but I am slowly going through all of the little videos and having the best-est belly laughs..Too Funny. I am so glad that you have agreed too.