Saturday, October 18, 2008

Creative Challenge ~ 23~ Pleasure.



I asked you once

"What is Your Greatest Pleasure?"

You looked at me

Wry smile upon your lips

Eyes directed at me with intensity

And you answered


Are My Ultimate!

 Pleasure in Life."


Milli 08

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  1. This was fun, wasn't it? I like yours!

  2. I agree with Pat and Laurie. Who ever it was, knows the whole truth :)

  3. It sounds like this one is a keeper, Milli! I can only imagine how the recipient of those words felt at that precise moment. I suggest you try submitting this to Hallmark. I can clearly envision this in a card.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Well have I missed out here?
    Mine's a tinny

  5. Oh it thats the way it should be Milli, thanks for the comments over at my place...have a great weekend

  6. How absolutely wonderful it must be to hear those words or even say them! Thanks for sharing this Milli.

  7. I have been here, and there on the link, and back now to here by pressing Milli's link.
    Rolling Stone am I, but--- I don't get no satisfaction?
    Ah! I think I see it now, a blog to make and take a bow?

  8. Milli, I love your poem.... Two-party pleasure, two-party love....great, isn't it?

  9. It's simple, to the point; and yet holds a great deal of depth between the lines in which the reader can discover for him/herself. This is very good and certainly catching on visuals. Well done you!


  10. Bill you made such a sweet poem in the blog comments on challenge why don't you do one next week too?

  11. Wonderful words, so simple and so full! I see what you mean about the picture!

  12. billatplay

    Pleasure is meeting eye to eye with my cat
    Neither of us doing this or that, but looking
    Looking into each other's eyes
    Seeing there the loves that lies
    Simply for each other.

    Sometimes we walk around our street
    Greeting and purring to those we meet
    The families that love him
    As good as a son, my Tim
    The Street’s Cat
    We pair

    Embarrassed never but loving forever
    Devoted to both my cats
    I’m proud to be their companion
    Looking at this and that
    Tim and Tess
    My cats

    At Christmas we are a part of the scene
    Delivering our Christmas cards
    No one jokes at the three of us
    Up and down their paths
    Friends wherever we are
    Oh how!

    How will I cope without them
    My life will surely change
    I guess we’ll get by
    Together we’ll try
    It will feel terribly strange
    With tears?

    For a while I’ll forget to smile
    Tell myself it won’t be long
    They will be waiting for us
    They’ll want their fuss
    We’ll be together again

    A lot to live for?
    Something to die for
    Pleasure once more
    Old friends to meet
    Past animals to greet
    © Bill

  13. Wonderful Bill absolutely delightful.....Thank You.

  14. Perfection, absolute perfection. 1954.
    I followed my new car down the assembly line watching it grow with each yard it travelled and thought of Ron Wilson.
    He had a brother working in the development section of Ford and when ordering his own new car it was given special treatment.
    As a leading West Ham footballer he was everybody's favourite except mine. Working next to each other all day was distracting to say the least as he was always receiving visitors at his drawing board. The chief draughtsman being one of them.
    Ron's Wilson's car was a Ford 'one' off.
    The cylinder head was polished where its exhaust and inlet ports looking like chrome after using walnut shell as a blasting medium. The bores, cylinders and valves, were treated with the same care and the rest of the power train followed with polished gears and special oils etc.
    I guess about treble the normal amount of build hours were spent on his car. It started weeks in advance of the build date where the components were passed to one or another department for special treatment before it was time to collect them for assembly.
    Ron had every part selected from the best available to start with, and then subjected most to special treatment as well.
    No one officially knew about this but since there were hundreds involved at all levels it didn't seem to matter.
    It's for Ron Wilson, was all that was needed.
    'Bill, let me help you get a good one,' he said.
    'No thanks,' I replied.
    Ron's car was the best the company ever made.
    Even the brand new engine block was bored oversize to receive liners that were smoother and harder than the new cast iron block.

    No one knew why and some guessed it was a clerical error, but whatever it was Ford had found a customer for life.
    Ron's car was sold to someone else by mistake.
    The death of the King could not have been worse among his hundreds of followers and everyone walked around with glum faces for weeks. This then was Ron Wilson a powerful figure and my protector and friend.

  15. oh I love this extended version even better

  16. awwww....I'd say..thanks....very cute poem!! :)

  17. (I came to view this after milli left a message saying it was here whilst looking for further entries; I am so glad she mentions it!)

    I don't know how you view your work Bill, but you have a lovely piece here. Technically I could give a run-down on a few things you have done here that really do smooth this piece out so very, very well! Some would spend time working at doing this; but that may not interest you, I'm not too sure. If you planned it, then it was well planned; if you didn't, then it makes it even more fine in how it runs-through.

    A wondeful story of friendship and love here Bill and the feelings flow throughout. Very well done you!!

    It cannot look any better than it does here; but this would look great on your page Bill :)


  18. What an interesting pic........ and lovely words

  19. Ahhhh!!!!! So romantically sweet :o). This was just lovely and just a pleasure to read, Milli. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  20. Absolutely beautiful and a treasure of pleasure to read.

  21. Hei Milli

    Brilliant, so tis, both the pic and the words!