Monday, October 20, 2008

Poem Posse ~ Friends.






Got me this friend

And he is a bit of a dude

Some people might say

 He is downright rude.

A little bit crazy

And a little bit mad

But what they don't realise

Is sometimes he's just, a little bit sad

Experiences in life were often tough

Love was there, but not enough

Ego lead, most of the way

Hiding inside is a good man, Id say

The underdog will always catch his attention

And if you want help then I got to mention

He will be there in a flash

And not a quick dash

Nah he is for real

He'll protect ya and always give, a fair deal

His wild days are gone

But he still loves his fun

Writing these days, gives him much pleasure

Given, when he can take the leisure

Iffy?  As the years roll by

And we stop and sigh

Kiss the days of the past

Up the Khyber Pass

While saying a fond goodbye

Also Have an occasional think and wonder why

Because now you can realise, all that was good

And come to understand that you were misunderstood

Not so much by the others, that you knew

But more by yourself, as you learn anew

The deepest needs of your psyche, never met

Are the hardest to satisfy and yet

As you master the art of finding the real Iffy!

 This will be the beginning of setting yourself free.

And you, are journeying well

Your Friends would say swell 


Dear Friend.. Iffy!!

Milli 08


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  1. done did it again...
    you humbled me bewdifullerest lady you.....................
    I dunno what to say...
    I love ya heaps girl........

  2. Big Grins I can sleep well now..Big hugs to ya dude...I will come for a look at the other entries tomorrow.

  3. Awwwww Milli, what a wonderful poem.

  4. That is choooo Chweet!!!(does it show I spend way too much time with little ones :P)

  5. LOL noo it doos nott!! LOL Thanks Rashmi.

  6. When I first saw this picture, I thought to myself - is Milli taking another virtual trip to Texas with a new friend?! Then read further and thought - crackin' good.

  7. LOLLLL Love your comment Cris yesss its a crackin one that's for sure..Oh take me on a trip Cris ..pretty pleasee?

  8. wanna do the Nullabor on a bike?
    Adelaide to Norseman, back to Adelaide?????

  9. its a plan on the table hun.....a plan on the table.............

  10. Would love to show your virtual California, but remember that Buster rides shotgun with me. If you can stand the dog breath he generates, it could be fun.

  11. Milli

    This was so Pete! :o)

    Fantastic - got my vote!

    Nessie x

  12. Oh how sweet. Great poem Milli!

  13. I love sharing transformations with friends, my own and theirs! We both learn so much about each other and always enjoy the enriching of our friendships in the process. -j

  14. awwww... such a lovely tribute to pete. i wonder if he had this one framed.
    beautiful, ms. milli. touching beyond words.

    thank you for joining this week.