Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poetry Wednesday : Peekabo, I Almost See You : Ogden Nash.

Poem by Ogden Nash


Photo by Milli 2008

Peekabo, I Almost See You 

Middle-aged life is merry, and I love to lead it,
But there comes a day when your eyes are all right but your arm
isn't long enough to hold the telephone book where you can read it,
And your friends get jocular, so you go to the oculist,
And of all your friends he is the joculist,
So over his facetiousness let us skim,
Only noting that he has been waiting for you ever since you said
Good evening to his grandfather clock under the impression
that it was him,
And you look at his chart and it says SHRDLU QWERTYOP, and
you say Well, why SHRDNTLU QWERTYOP? and he says one
set of glasses won't do.
You need two.
One for reading Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason and Keats's
"Endymion" with,
And the other for walking around without saying Hello to strange
wymion with.
So you spend your time taking off your seeing glasses to put on
your reading glasses, and then remembering that your reading
glasses are upstairs or in the car,
And then you can't find your seeing glasses again because without
them on you can't see where they are.
Enough of such misshaps, they would try the patience of an ox,
I prefer to forget both pairs of glasses and pass my declining
years saluting strange women and grandfather clocks.



I love the way Ogden Nash writes about life in his poetic way and this particular poem suits me because I must have my eyes checked and buy new glasses. I have a confession and it is, I place my glasses in my pocket and then forget they are there, only to sit down and you guessed it...give them a right royal squash.

I did enjoy this take on middle age written by Mr Nash and if you click on his name, at the top of this post, you can read more about him.

I found some great poems of his here too.  

A Tribute to the Poet, Ogden Nash (1902-1971)

"... my field -- the minor idiocies of humanity" 

The photo was taken by myself in Melbourne Central and I made a few adjustments for this post. I hope that you like the Huge Seiko clock which was gigantic actually and even I could view it well...LOL


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  1. great words of his here and a good laugh to boot - will look at the link a little later - my favourite of his was about Dr Bell and has been one I often remember for some silly reason but I guess with Ogden Nash you need your reasoning to be silly to enjoy it.

    Doctor Bell
    Fell down the well
    Broke his collar bone
    Doctors should tend to the sick
    And leave the well alone!


  2. Reminds me of me haha, glasses all over the place.

  3. haha. reminds me of the movie Sabrina where the guy sat on the champagne glasses. While studying, I used to do that with Pencil/ Pen, I tend to leave them in my hair and hunt for it only to have someone look at me and laugh. Thanks for the Introduction to this poet.. will be reading more of his poems.

  4. That made me laugh and smile. I don't wear glasses yet, but I'm always looking for someone's glasses or reading something at work for someone who's forgotten theirs. Excellent.

  5. I have crushed, lost, replaced, and left unused dozens of pairs but now I have the answer.
    Store glasses.
    See clearer sharper and only £10.
    Doesn't help with the financial loss made over 40 years.
    Good poem but incomplete. I have needed a cataract removed for the last 9 years so he claims. lol
    Oculist? The art of illusion.

  6. Thanks for your contribution here Keith I love that little poem of yours,,so catchy. Who wants to be serious al the time I like the way ON saw life and all it's little foibles.

  7. Oh yes Rashmi it does remind one of that scene LOL, Pens and Pencils yes me too above my ear or wherever and sometimes I place the odd things like glasses down My front. How embarrassing because that's where I found my glasses once after I had searched and searched for them LOL.

  8. Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed Vickie.

  9. LOL Jade I have asked people before for that favour too. LOL

  10. Bill I know what you are saying and hear you well. Now just let me try a pair of those glasses on and I will tell you if I can see you well also LOL. Actually it is reading glasses I use only for now.

  11. Milli (love your photo!) Ogedn Nash is such fun, just a delight!
    Now what did I just write???

  12. What pure fun...and such truth in this topic. I am also trying to adapt to the process of on & off lenses which makes it a challenge to keep up with their whereabouts. Ogden is such a playful poet and this is a delightful selection!

  13. I'm in this place now, early on, but here nonetheless. Can't with my glasses or without them! Loved this!

  14. Cetainly can identify with that. In frustration at loss of memory, I "Ogen Nash" my teeth, which means if I need dentures, it is only one more thing to misplace.

  15. Read it again and how so true.
    I don't have a Grandfather clock but I have a ticking wife.
    Never passes a chance to tick me off. lol
    Just because I play my game of leaving toffee papers hidden for her to find.
    It's like a kindergarden
    She has to wear her glasses to find them.

  16. LOL Sue your little face avatar is theeee! best I love it.
    I have placed the original photo now and I wonder if anyone can make out the name of the shop top left side of the Big Clock?

  17. LOL Thanks Fluffy and LOL to gileson with the misplaced dentures ohh no I have a story about those..not mine but others dentures. Remind me to relate it one day?

  18. LOL Bill you are a hoot and so the game you and your wife play is Hide n Seek the toffee papers? LOL

  19. Yes but there are no rewards. lol

  20. Just had a hair cut and discovered a causeway between the forehead and the crown.
    I thought I had a problem when I combed my hair over my eyes.
    Couldn't get it further than my ears. lol
    My bifocals have nothing to focus on now.

  21. Actually the mall had an optometrist and the sign is on the top left of the big clock. I love the name it is C20/20 optometrist. Clever.I thought. Thanks for the visit.

  22. Ogden Nash is a joy isn't he? Great choice for this week! I am one of those people who has to keep the glasses right at bedside and feels for them in the morning. Thank goodness for contacts or I would be in coke bottle bottoms at all times.