Saturday, August 9, 2008

Creative Challenge # 14 Scorpian Goddess.


This time you may choose one or both words for your theme, just make sure to let us know which one you choose if you indeed only choose one!

The phrase/word:  stinging reality

Creative Challenge # 14

She is the Scorpion Goddess

Sent to protect from all the venomous creatures

A stinging reality

She had the power of magic

Her priests being in either magic or medicine for ancient cultures

And with different  intent she could also destroy any wrong doing victims

at will with her own venomous wrath

Her motive was to give those justifiably dead the ability to enter the after life

Her name is Serqet and she was an Egyptian deity.

Renowned for her abilities to stiffen the throats of people

Like that of a scorpion bite.

She also had protective qualities

 These were sought out by pregnant mothers and children

For protection from venomous bites.

 Her notoriety as


The Egyptian Goddess of Scorpions and Venomous creatures

Was left in evidence in the tomb of Nefetari

Where she is depicted speaking to Nefetari in an inscription

Serqets cult spread across the delta and she became the healer of the venom

 inflicted and also the giver of the venom.

In ancient Egypt Serqet was the Stinging Reality for the people

Who idolised her..





Photos by Milli 2008


  1. Very interesting - I seem to have learned something more

  2. Wow!!! I of course have heard of Nefetari but not Serquet...I too (like tabbynera) have learned something new and the photo rocks too!
    Another awesome blog...well done!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my page and for introducing me to your talent.

  4. WOW Carol this is dynamite. That is all I have to say.

  5. out of site...
    love how you went about writting this challegne..this is a real original,clever

  6. Interesting indeed and I too have learned something on the visit! I too have not heard of Serqet


  7. A very interesting History lesson. I had never heard of Serquet. Nefetari is familiar to me, I even visited her tomb when in Egypt. I admire your unique style of weaving words as if you had a special loom. Great work. Hugs, Belita

  8. I like it when I learn new things! Thank you! Scary photo...looks like an octopus, not a scorpion.

  9. Thanks for the comments to everyone and the photo was taken at the local beach in a rock pool and I am not too sure if it is a venomous creature or not but if it is a blue ringed octopus then it would definitely apply for the text above.

  10. I took some photos that I think suit this theme better. For anyone who returns to this page I hope that you enjoy. For those who have been by and passed comment I thank you ALL.

  11. These photos are very fitting indeed. The top one a little mysterious even...Thank you

  12. This is my favorite for the challenge Milli, it was soooooo intriguing to me!

  13. Thanks, Milli, for the beautiful photos!

  14. There is lots of interesting history here. Perhaps i will deve into this sometime on google....There is still much mystery and mystique surrounding ancient egypt, many more mysterys to be dug from the shifting sands. Thankyou for this Milli, it was a pure pleasure to read

  15. This is so neatly done.. Only recently I read about the not so famous Gods of Egypt. Thank you for making it such fun reading about "stinging reality" ;)

  16. The pics are nice and certainly worth coming back to look at. Thank you for sharing :)


  17. Wonderful story and pictures. Great reading....

  18. I have added a video to this post and hope that you all enjoy it.