Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wild Almond Trees in Blossom.

Img_1554-1.jpg picture by millimum







Img_1555-1.jpg picture by millimum

There is never such a finer scene
Than when the almond trees send forth their pretty blossoms.
Whilst other fruiting trees are still sleeping soundly.
In shades varying from softest pale pink, to full blush pink.
Also some varieties have papery pure white petals.
Grown in Almond Groves as we refer to them here
 The beauty of the blossoms on the tree is so pretty.
Whilst still looking magnificent  as their petals
Fall to the ground or scatter on the wind
Leaving a beautiful cover across the Winter Earth.
Spring surely follows after the Almond blossoms have displayed their perfect colours.
Please enjoy My Almond Blossom Photos.
Milli 2008
Img_1559-1.jpg picture by millimum
Img_1560-1.jpg picture by millimum


  1. only thing prettier is the Sturt peas in full bloom..........................

  2. They are splendid especially with a blue as blue sky and a red desert earth.
    Thanks Pete.

  3. Milli they must be a sight to behold as they signal the end to your winter.

  4. This is so true and you know that spring is at the doorstep Rita when you see them like this.

  5. I love the Flowering Redbuds here too, they bloom the same time your Almond ones do. I love spring and honestly forgot that your seasons are different than ours. Soak it all in Milli!

  6. Thanks Ava its actually a nice time here for us because we are out of the drought at the moment. You need to show us your flowering Redbuds if you can please?

  7. Beautiful.
    They dressed our hired slated wedding table in 1944.
    The Bride wore black and I had my only suit cleaned.
    The sheet used for a tablecloth was white, until the small hired wine glasses slipped into the slats.
    Honeymoon lasted one day, then back to work.

  8. Thank you for sharing that memory Bill it was so wonderful of you to do so. Oh the colour of the wine dipped table cloths would have suited the blossoms and the brides dress so well.
    Thanks so much for the visit.

  9. How totally awesome. The colours are amazing. My uncle used to have a Walnut Farm down there.

  10. Oh I picked some walnuts aboout two monthes ago from a frinds tree and there is big local tree not far from here over 100 years old. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. these are really really fantastic - love the colours in particular would hang em all on my wall!!

  12. Almond trees are so beautiful in bloom! That's a pretty cool box thingee frame too.

  13. wondeful photos you have here, milli! they're like cherry blossom trees. welcome, spring!!! =D

  14. From high up in the tree
    the petals begin their downward fall
    they leave behind upon the tree
    a tiny wee growing ball

    As this ball begins to grow
    it grows not like a fond
    but long and oval it its shape
    determined to become an almond

    We wait 'till the nut is ripe
    then we pick day and night
    as we crack the shell to get the nut
    then sit and eat with pure delight

    such is the life of that lovely nut
    that precious little taste of paradise
    grown by naturein beautiful splendour
    only to be sold at a rediculous price!!!
    cpoyright reserved.....iffik...........

  15. Thank you Peter what a lovely poem you left for me here. Feeling quite honoured am I. The price of nuts is high however I think that they have so much nutritional value in them, they are worth it. The wild ones produce free nuts if one is quick enough to beat the birds,critters and the roadside pickers.

  16. Thanks Keith the colours are so soft and pretty and that is a lovely comment you made here.

  17. Thanks Cheri it is a fun cube and you can do the same by clicking the link under my cube in the post.

  18. Yess Pinky they do remind one of cherry blossoms and yahh welcome spring in a few weeks time.