Friday, August 22, 2008

Picture Perfect:. Double Magic. Lookalike.


Lookalike Fairies.

I have magic in my garden that I wish to share with you

There are fairies in my garden

Doing all that fairies do

Their Little smiling faces spreading magic

 Wherever they have been

Today I caught them tending the flowers

Unusual because,

Fairies are very rarely seen

So enjoy this special moment

As my photo shows fairies to be true

And if your smile is wide enough 

They just might come and tend your garden too!

Milli 2008

IMG_1889-1.jpg picture by millimum

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IMG_1900-1.jpg picture by millimum




  1. My gosh Milli, they are so cute and lookalike too! Love the poem, you are so talented.
    Thanks for joining me this weekend dear friend.

  2. What a wonderful poem to go with you photo! What wonderful little fairies! Well, I was smiling wide enough - I expect my garden to look in tip top shape tomorrow. :-) I haven't done a Picture Perfect in quite awhile, and in keeping with this, I didn't do one this week. Maybe next. :-)

  3. I hope that you do one next week Marcia because you have great photos.

  4. Hey Milli

    - great take on the theme and that poem - excellent!!

    Do you really think the would come and tend to my garden too??

  5. Hey Milli

    - great take on the theme and that poem - excellent!!

    Do you really think the would come and tend to my garden too??

  6. LOL well Keith they just might..LOL see that big smile of yours and water your garden for you..

  7. It is funny but I have never believed in fairies since being let down by one as a child.
    She was supposed to leave a sixpence under my pillow.
    Now angels? Well they are something else.
    In the late 18th Century the Cottingham? fairies fooled the world.

  8. I remember that and fairy tale Bil it was so amazing. I think it was Arther Conan Doyle who led the world on the fairy Chase. Any way I am supplying a link for you here. quite an amazing story I saw it on DVD once about the little girls who supposedly captured fairies on film.'Cottingley fairies' Oh BTW I did get money for a tooth i lost at 6 and mmmm They did a good job those fairies of fooling me LOL.

  9. Thanks! It's just been so crazy with camping and getting a new puppy - things will level out one of thes weeks. LOL :-)

  10. As usual, spectacular photos!!!! Congratulations, Milli...thanks for sharing a bit of your garden. Have a great weekend.

  11. Such a beautiful garden. The fairies are like icing on the cake. And what a lovely poem. TY for sharing Milli.

  12. Oh amazing. They are so gorgeous. Your garden must be whimsical.

  13. Your gardens must be absolutely charming from the lil part I can see. I hope to see your magical fairies in my gardens one day!
    Click here for my entry

  14. great photo and the poem is lovely.

  15. lovely. won't be surprised if they start talking to the plants:)
    thanks for sharing and the visit, milli.
    have a blast this weekend:)

  16. Milli ....very cool picture and done beautifully too..

    Click Here For Mine

  17. Beautiful shot Milli, nice job

    Thanks for the visit

  18. Sooo cute.. Did you make them? And Thank you too ;).

    I woke this morning
    In the fairies circle
    There was beautiful singing
    In the grass with Dew that Prickle
    I smiled, thinking
    I must be dreaming
    But my eyes were open
    My jaw dropped
    When I spied twin-fairies
    With hats of lacy fashion
    Tending to my garden
    With a Passion.

    They bowed deep
    And said, Milli sent us
    From the land down under
    To tend to your flowers
    That the slugs plunder
    A touch of fairy dust
    Voila!! this is your land of Wonder.
    I felt so Happy but I couldnt smile
    I had to first pick my jaw,
    That was lying on the dewy bed. ;)

  19. I just love them, not only because I love garden fairies, but they posed so well for their lookalike photo.

  20. welcoming, well-dressed lookalike fairies you have in your garden, milli! looks like they're poseable, aren't they? lovely garden...
    thanks for visiting my lookalike airplanes...",)

  21. How cute! I wish I had a garden for them to tend, but I don't. :( lol Great picture!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on mine.

  22. Well then I want purplerosew's turn too with the garden fairies .. it's a lovely picture they're quite photogenic when you catch them. *big smile*

  23. They are cute! LOL I like them. Now I need to find a way to lure a few fairies into my garden and keep the dogs OUT! LOL Great PP

    Click for Empress C's PP

  24. Beautiful.... and you brought the magic to us!!!
    Yes, the fairies and the flowers are so pretty!!!
    Hope you have a magical weekend!
    My Picture Perfect Friday ~ Lookalike

  25. ah, beautiful maidens you have there, Milli. Lovely capture as usual, enjoyed the poem, too. ;->

  26. Hei Milli

    Very great helps they are, i bet! :)

    My entry on LOOK-A-LIKE is in ere.

  27. fun Milli - it's a never ending process i could use several of those helpers.

    thanks for visiting mine...

    for others:
    Here’s My Lookalikes Photo