Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poetry Wednesday:Saturday Morning Local Organic Produce Market.

I took my camera along to the local organic produce market on Saturday Morning and even though it was raining I think I got some of the colour and variety from the stalls at the market in these photos. I have made some of the photos into a vignette, for the sake of a better perspective on the produce rather than the distractions surrounding them. Enjoy! Regards From Milli.

At the Local Produce Market 'Organic Of course.'

An early start for the stall holders

That is what some told me.

There were many who were up and loaded

Well before, half past three

The stalls are ready for the public by 7am

Come rain or hail, even wintry winds

No inclement weather, will ever stop them.

From displaying their carefully chosen produce

Fruits and flowers, spices, delicacies,

And even chocolate, to seduce

We early morning buyers

Who have

A decidedly, sweet tooth.

Vegetables and fresh home grown eggs

Our cotton bags start to overflow

Honey, nuts of all varieties and of course spices like nutmeg

As we stop for a quick chat

To friends and acquaintances and folks we know.

This week my mother has accompanied me

She wanted fresh veggies for her delicious homemade soup

And all went well as we parted company

She to the vegetable stall

And me doing my photography.

Meeting up again near a young busker

I was alarmed to see

Something hanging from mums long blue scarf

A large piece of paper attached it be.

   To her scarf by a clip

And it read

"Leeks for Sale

three dollars fifty a bunch"

We were laughing so hard as I offered to take the sign back

Now here comes the crunch! 

I missed the best opportunity for the funniest photo of the day

 All Before Lunch.

Milli 2008


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  1. hahahha - perfect end to a morning!! Hey those leeks were a bargain! Lovely storyand enjoyed my early morning at the markets with you and your mum - thanks Loved it!
    the photos are special too in particular the presentation - you are so creative Milli!

  2. Hello Keith thanks for dropping by and you know what? When I took the sign back to the stall holder and told him that my mother wore his sign on her scarf he also burst out laughing and maybe that was because I told him I was returning back his little sign because my mother thinks she is worth more than $3.50,Leaks and all. LOL..

  3. creative write ... and now off to the market ...

  4. such an infectious love and laughter this day at the market - too cool!!

  5. Thanks Milli, that was so wonderful! That artisian bread looks so tasty!

  6. Oh believe me it is hand made from all the best and is yummy plus. Thanks for stopping by Sher.

  7. What a wonderful trip to the market.

  8. Thank You Rita. We both have humorous mums.

  9. What a lovely poem Milli, I would love to have an organic market nearby. The photos are great and very enticing too. I buy organic whenever I can, I think the taste is so much better and must be healthier for you without all those sprays.

  10. I have to agree Mia and we are so lucky here. Glad that you enjoyed my little piece of humour too as we love to laugh a lot around here. you may have noticed that already LOL.

  11. I have to agree Mia and we are so lucky here. Glad that you enjoyed my little piece of humour too as we love to laugh a lot around here and you may have noticed that already LOL.

  12. That was an interesting trip Milli and ended up being funny as well. The pictures are colorful, attractive! Glad to be here again!

  13. ha ha ha thats cute ...hmmm I already posted this but it came back so if it looks like ive repeated myself Im sorry lol...

  14. What has happened to it.
    I posted it yesterday and commented how you killed two birds with on stone.
    Then I praised both.
    I see touchnheaven above has had a problem too, but I was the second to comment and it was empty when I started.

  15. LOL Milli, I love the way you write humourously.
    Here's something I would have done.

    Getting back from the Market,
    Still laughing at the sign that loved the scarf
    "Leeks for sale, 3.50 a bunch"
    Putting on the soup pot
    Only to realize, ah we returned the sign
    But forgot to buy some leeks. ;)

  16. Your lovely photos are making me want lunch. It has been so long, since I have been to a produce market like that. You show such wonderful humor in your writing Milli!

  17. Nice of you to let the word "leek" out. Can't keep these sorts of things secret, eh what?

  18. You've turned a simple - although not trivial - stroll at the market into an amusing tour! What a fun! I wish I was there! :)

    Thanks for the ride, Milli!

  19. thanks for this entertaining trip, milli...",)

  20. Wonderful poem. Sounds like a fun day out too.
    Thanks for the B/day greetings too:)

  21. Sounds like a fun trip. I love days like that. You caught it in an excceptional manner.

  22. sounds delicious..............makes me hungry..............and humour too, brilliant.
    love your wallpaper too, is it cherry blossom?? its beautiful

  23. Hi there forgetmenot. thanks for the comment and stopping by and on the same day I drove out a bit and found the almond blossom that is my wallpaper photo. It was the prettiest pink with bees swarming all around. I am so glad you enjoyed the post for PW.

  24. I like your version better than mine Rashmi LOL it is always fun to write verse in a humorous fashion and am glad that you did mt a verse too.

  25. I like your version better than mine Rashmi LOL it is always fun to write verse in a humorous fashion and am glad that you did mt a verse too.

  26. Thanks Shail and good to see you.
    Bill aww I have had a few funny situations here too lately especially double comments coming through when I click to enter only one. Thanks for your return though and thie comment left.

  27. Adorable in every way, so descriptive; I am so happy you took photos--there's nothing like food photos!
    Great job. How wonderful that more and more organic markets are springing up. The woeld is finally getting the message, I hope--No More Chemicals in Our Food!

  28. Milli:
    Your ability to take an ordinary event and turn it into something of such fun is simply delightful and very playful! The photos are great..makes me want to get up early this Saturday and visit my own local market with all the colors of the produce.(just sorry you didn't get a picture of Mum with her leak sign!)

  29. Thanks so much for perservering with the comment here Touchnheaven.

  30. Thanks so much for perservering with the comment here Touchnheaven.

  31. I do hope that you go to your local market and patronise them. Thanks Diana

  32. You would have been a welcome guest and I think that you would have had a good laugh at the funny side of the morning out.
    Welcome zafreud anytime.

  33. You are more than welcome Bev and it was heaps of fun..Just the way I like it.

  34. Hey Jade sometimes these days do just happen and that was one of them. Great fun too!

  35. I hope that things can change and even if we can have the choice to change the way farming is done by our own choices of what we purchase or even with what we grow ourselves Sue, then even that small change can have its own benefits for many in such a good way. Thanks Sue for your visit.

  36. Hello Sweet now that was the cruncher while I was laughing so hard and I must say this we were in light rain there at the time too, I was more focused on mum getting out of thee rain and me quickly returning the sign than actually taking the best photo of the day. LOL I went out of my photography mode at the wrong moment. As we do. LOL Thanks for your comment.

  37. LOL LOVED it! It's funny, entertaining, and it left you sitting at the edge of your seat a little :o). You're very talented.

    I've always wondered what you do with Beeswax LOL.

  38. love this a lot.... looking forward to my weekend market day lol

  39. Wow, that would have been a funny picture...assuming your mother thought it funny. Great poem about practical matters. I always seem to have trouble doing a poem about anything that is not deeply emotionaly or maybe even PRIMARILY emotional in nature.

    Well, other than my naughty little verses of course..LOL

  40. Oh Milli, this is precious :)
    I LOVE organic produce and would be in heaven in a market like yours. Oh to smell those spices would be divine!
    Thank you for sharing, so very glad I came by :)

  41. You made a memory this day and then were able to share it with us! TY and nice job!