Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Recommendations Today.

Today I am going to introduce you to a Friend who is writing fourteen posts about his days as a photographer and an owner of a photographic studio in England. If you love to read about how it was then please do not hesitate but to go for a read of the first installment on Bill's page.


Photography  Post 1 of 14

Successful in my employment I looked for something new and decided on photography. Quitting, I was happy in my small but professional photographic set up, but I never reckoned on my psyche. 

I moved to the High Street


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My next recommendation is for a new group starting up on Multiply called Garden Gurus and it is the brainchild of another friend Keith.

Still in its infancy and looking for interested members the first post is up and I invite you to read it.

The Future - arriving at the past. .2.. Sowing carrots and other root crops


To read a post from Keith's own page and to understand his philosophies in the garden please click here and have a read about how he grows his goodies.





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  1. Very interested in both Milli, thanks for alerting us to this!