Monday, June 4, 2007

Embarrassing Moments

Embarrassing Moments.

Like all young ladies I was so excited and could not wait for that special night to arrive.

The school dance was promising to be a big deal. I was a junior in high school and at these social dances all the higher classes would mix and mingle together.

We did not associate with the boys in the higher grades even though I went to a Co-ed school.

The school had a separate area for us juniors and the only time we got to see the students from the higher grades was at assemblies or when coming or going to school and on sports days.

As you can imagine a school dance where everyone mixed and mingled was a big affair and the right outfit, hairstyle, shoes and makeup would transform us juniors into older women for the night.

So if you can imagine this dance being conveniently near my birthday. Then a trip off shopping for a new beautiful red satin and lace blouse combined with a black slimline skirt and a new pair of high stiletto shoes for me it was like a dream come true.

New clothes or shoes were for us a birthday treat.

The time arrived and my girlfriends and I were looking like we had just stepped out of the latest MGB sports car when we were dropped off at the local hall for the dance.

Hair beautifully coiffed thanks to the girlfriend who knew hair dressing, and did it well.

Make up perfectly in place, courtesy of the other girlfriend who worked part time in the chemist shop.

New clothes looking spotless and stilettos showing off the legs adorned with the beautiful silky stockings.

Look out senior girls us juniors had scrubbed up a treat.

The dance was progressing well with many dances coming on cue as the band played on.

The hall was large and had a wonderful polished wooden floor and of course the floor was used for formal ballroom dancing that was held there frequently. Something was on the floor to help with ease of movement and flow. It was slippery just walking let alone dancing.

All was going well with giggles between friends, when we were not dancing the different dances with the handsome senior boys who were all paying special attention to us newbies on the social scene.

Then it happened!!!!

The military two step was a progressive dance where you got to dance with all of the dancers as we all swapped and changed around the dance floor in a large circle.

A young man out to impress grabbed hold of me and with the gusto of a champion wrestler swung me around and in the sticky heat of all the movement and combined with our sweaty hands, he let go of me.

I went sailing on my drearier all the way across the centre of the hall in full force. Luckily with decorum. My skirt kept my legs together as I slid in a sitting up position.

Yes you guessed it; I was as red as my new red blouse when the nearest senior boy helped me to my feet. My stockings tore and my pride did a dive under the floorboards.

So much for The Big Night Out!!!

My girlfriends were great and even though I was embarrassed by what had happened we finished our evening out. Mostly chatting to each other at the side of the dance floor. I think the girls were also afraid of slipping on the floor after that episode of mine, sliding like a Prima Donna down through the middle of dance floor.

My pride recovered and I went to many more dances.

Actually I do have another story for another time now I come to think of it.

Thanks Shail for the blast out, To Share Our Embarrassing Moments

Feel free to share with me as well?

Milli 2007

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