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Lingerie Q's and A's.

Back in January I did a posting about lingerie. Actually it was an introduction to my chosen field of work. I was asked many questions about the correct fit of a good pair of bras.

My post was called: An Uplifting History of the Not So Humble Bra.

This was a restricted post and if the link would not open then it would be because of the mature content I posted it under.

Getting back to a few Qs and As from this post. I thought it would be a good time to answer some of the questions asked at the time and also to invite more questions from any of my new friends as well.

I also have a few questions I would like to ask you and have made a small Poll below.

However I am happy if you can also answer these questions in the comments box below.

So lets get the Q's and A's happening now.

Mr S.... was interested to read, "Technology has entered in to the Lingerie Business to such a degree that women can find the perfect fit with help from a Trained Consultant."

Could you elaborate? Maybe another post?

Answer.... Indeed Technology is a the fore front f the lingerie trade. The fabrics, components and laces chosen undergo stringent tests and many new fabrics ar developed along high tech ideologies. Many are copy right and very costly to purchase and the proof of the quality of such garments is in the correct washing and wearing of them. We women appreciate the best designs and the feel of good quality fabrics next to our skin and fabrics like microfibres and Modal. The company I work for use in some of their garments are of the highest quality and it is often remarked to me that they feel like a second skin when worn or described as feeling like a man made silk. Also to answer your question the manufacturing process in itself is very high tech with even resting rooms for the fabrics to regain shape after coming off the rolls. As a matter of interest for the company I work for the timing between release of a new bra and its beginning stages can be as long as 2 years after all the trialling and testing that goes on.


lol, thanks for your SUPPORT Milli. when my shoulder acted out, I suddenly found that this little item was the most difficult to manage...have to confess that sometimes it just feels better to let the girls roam free lol

Answer.....I am all for freedom and au natural but as an aside here a very large busted lady and even a woman with very broken tissue and skin to the bust will always benefit from a well fitted bra of the right design for their particular shape. What I have seen over and over again is the opposite of this. It is said that in Australia alone 80 percent of women wear the incorrect size bras. Bearing that in mind there are times and circumstances where we don't encourage wearing under wired bras, IE Cancer sufferers, pregnant or lactating women, allergy sufferers to name a few and of course like your self, those with difficulty or a physical ailment where it is sometimes felt to go with out is a better option. I personally would still want to wear a close fitting cami for comfort in these circumstances.

Sue.......That was interesting, when I had my babies I used to wear a night time bra..there are many, many different ones that's for sure. I still don't know where to go to get the 'proper' fit, but mine are comfy (VS of course). Now what is the proper way to wash and store your bras?

Answer.....Sue I do not know what is on offer in your country but you can message me for the correct way to fit for a bra. I use a tape measure with 2 measurements taken from under the bust and across it, whilst wearing an existing bra for support. To wash any lingerie properly is to hand wash or to use a very gentle cycle on your machine placing the lingerie in the special bags that you can buy. Do not use hot water and harsh washing practices, as the wires will pop. I opt for doing up the bras before placing them in a washing bag and I never dry them in a dryer. The correct drying is to place the bra from its centre across a clothes horse or a line that is protected from the sun and UV rays as the UV rays are the biggest killers of any fabric that contains Lycra. Treat them well and you will get good wear from a good brand of lingerie.

Ms M.....As odd as it sounds....I am not much of a shopping woman; I don't try clothing on, that I know will fit, shoes, thongs, shirts, sweaters, skirts, dresses, nothing...But, bras and jeans....I hate to try on bras and will wait till I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY--POSITIVELY, ABSOLUTELY have to. I nursed my only child...And, like a tired single mother I did not nurse equally from both breasts...SOOOO, one breast is slightly bigger than the other...I run and when I do...I wear three bras. NOTHING IS MOVING AROUND, BOUNCING UP AND DOWN ANYWHERE.....Those bad boys are all but taped to my body...This prevents pain. I am probably like a lot of women; If, I gain even a little bit of weight...It goes right to my breasts....If, I lose a little bit of weight it comes right from my breasts...I can't win? I used to be haunted by a ghost...Sometimes I would wake up without my shirt on? Or, sometimes I would wake up with my pajama top up-and my chest is bare...It was horribly, creepy. What a wonderful post this was...I really did enjoy to read it and share the horrors of bra shopping and bras..I despise them soo...A love hate relationship with a bra?

Answer..... Everything you have written I have heard over and over again Ms M. First thing first here. Our bodies are different from one side to the other and just as a foot can be bigger from one side to the other for what ever reason so can breasts be also. and some surprisingly so. What you have explained is very common. Ladies who have a bigger side than the other are always advised to fit the bigger side and then let the smaller one come along for the ride so to speak. There are ways and means of dealing with the smaller side, however the larger breast must never be cramped. A breast is never supposed to be all cramped and squashed into a smaller cup, ever. Once again see a professional or message me about what can be done for a perfect fit. You are correct, when running always wear the most supportive bra you can find. A very well designed one will do the job and you should never need to wear three bras to keep the support of your breasts happening. I am always advocating lightness and comfort and support and that's what you need to look for. If you really can not over come your shyness when purchasing bras then at least know what to look for and make it a habit of reassessing your relationship with this totally amazing part of the human woman's anatomy. Just like your feet where comfort is a must, so it is with your breast, which do change from time to time and it is best to be fitted at least every six months, bearing this in mind. It is true, because the breast consists mainly of fatty tissue and no muscle and it is here where many women notice weight gain and loss very early on. Another suggestion fall in love with a good fitting and sensual set of lingerie and wear it often for yourself. You deserve it.

Debb.... I have been wondering ever since I saw a show on Oprah about this , how one finds a Bra specialist to fit her properly . It seems I have gone from a 36 B to a 40 D and am still feeling sore as if I am still growing . Is this normal ? I'm 52 . Oh yes back to the "Q" where do I find a pro fitter ? Your friend Debbie

Answer...I can't put you onto a good fitter in your area Debb however if you pm me I will try from here to get you on track. Yes you can find that you will increase, firstly because you have changed over time and not changed the bra sizes too much, if at all that you wear. Also because of your hormones at this time. Weight gain will surely add to the breast enlarging and so will PMT. Sore breasts are always better when you can support them well with a very well fitted and supportive full cup bra. Message me if you wish?

Dani D......

Nice to read about brassieres and corsets. Now how about suspenders and thongs? ;)

Answer...... Thongs or G strings, T strings, Culotte strings,Butterfly back strings, String strings we call them flossers in the trade, Boy leg briefs, Brazilian hi cut briefs, Full briefs, Shorts, The list today is endless and even the good old French Knicker is available. these by the way were invented from necessity as many great things usually are. During the war because of a shortage of fabric and rubber the French knicker was invented because it used no rubber and the style used less fabric to make a ladies bloomer more brief and less became best. Suspenders are in and out of fashion although they are still a big selling point in Bridal lingerie.


My bras are my investment in this bodies ladies please not for the sake of your other half but for you invest in nicely made ...fine fabric...MATCHING SETS..get them in as many colors you can find ...wear the cheap ones or the ones with the feather on them that you can sometimes find, valentines is coming so something with some hearts would be Nice or jut sexy and red, Victoria's has my favorite secrets...Thxs Milli love the post.

Answer... I believe that you have expressed exactly as I tell all my clients in your statement above :

My bras are my investment in this bodies ladies please not for the sake of your other half but for you invest in nicely made ...fine fabric...MATCHING SETS..


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