Saturday, May 19, 2007

Autumn in the Park.


With only a few weeks left of Autumn and Winter making it's presence felt. I have posted a slide of a lovely afternoon spent at the Belair National Park in the hills of Adelaide.

Many a happy day was spent at this park over the years so upon the arrival of a work colleague from interstate with limited time on her hands, it was a welcomed time out on a perfect Autumn Day.

We motored up from Glenelg which is near the sea and ventured into the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Time was against us. However the park which closes at 5pm was still in late afternoon sun and just the place for some peace and tranquility in a natural setting.

You will notice a duck pond in some of the photos and that particular area was a local summer swimming spot, at the time when the newly formed lake had been dug and filled with the ground waters from the winter rains.

On a hot day the park being not too far away from where we lived, offered us a wonderful natural enviroment to relax in. The lake, although bathing was not actually permitted even at that time, became a fun spot to swim in. I can still feel the sticky mud beneath my feet and feeling a little uneasy wading through this new lake.

My mother even joined us for a cool down swim one day, and much to her horror as she arrived to the surface, after a lovely shallow dive under the water, she realised that her false teeth had vacated her lower gum and swum off on their own accord.

It was panic stations as we all waded through the clay bottom and felt for those false teeth in amongst the ground litter and stones beneath the lake.

Those teeth were never located and not too long after, the bathing and swimming there was forbidden.

Even to this day we still call that lake 'False Teeth Lake ' in honour of those false teeth, lost that day in the local swimming hole.

The interstate visitors had a wonderful short visit there and I hope it is reflected in my photos?

The mushrroms or toadies as some call them, were an added surprise we came across up the back of this wonderful park I had never seen them there before. Just goes to show that nature has many surprises in store when we stop for a look.

Cheers Milli


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