Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Images And Words Week 222 # Three

I would like to thank Anders for taking my place this week and also For Both Anders and Sue for setting us up over on Face Book.
We are determined to give everyone an opportunity to post either here on Blogger. Also on Muze or Flickr and of course our new venue Face Book.

Somewhere For Everyone.

New Theme Week 222



  1. Good idea for a cute photo. I heard you were down with food poisoning and I hope you are now on the road to recovery.
    By the way just to mention I will only compete in Blogger for these challenges. I do not like putting too many photos on FB and Muzenews is not my thing (I have left twice already so will not be returning).

  2. Awfully cute trio. Love the words.

  3. Very cute entry, Milli!
    I'm tuned with Pat. I'll only compete in Blogger.

    1. Thanks Belita that is perfectly fine.

  4. Hi Pat. Thanks for the visit. I am only just turning to corner so to spak from this salmonella poisoning. It has been nasty.
    Blogger is a wonderful place to post and feel free to stay here as we are not closing our site here.
    We have just supported more options for those more keen on Face Book that's all.

  5. Hi Milli, just popped past to sayhello, as you know I joined up with I&W over on Facebook. Quick and easy to post, good idea ............. Working full time, not much time to sit and faf with pictures and cross posting. Love your contribution this week, they are so cute. Are they little figurines?

  6. Love this fantastic photo.