Sunday, March 3, 2013

Images And Words Week 200 "Images And Words Week 200 - Our Second Century

Welcome to this milestone week 200 of Images And Words.
Anders is our host and he has come up with a great idea for this theme.


You can use anything that refers to the number 200, perhaps what happened 200 years ago in your country. You can also use the original photo from your very first entry for a new one for this occasion. I am looking forward to view and comment on your entries. Enjoy.
All the Best from Anders 

I have chosen to go back 200 years in Australian history. We are a New Country by today's standards and although our land is from ancient times, inhabited by indigenous peoples, as a country we are relatively 'New'.
When Anders announced this theme I was hard pressed to think of what to place for the 200 years Theme.
This last January the 25th it was a very important milestone for Australia as we all celebrated Australia Day which as it happened was our 200 years anniversary of the naming of Australia by Matthew Flinders.
Please join us in this celebration of Images And Words Week 200 and also I would like to thank 
Anders for making up this 
Images And Words
Blogger Address. It Says it All.


  1. Wonderful choice of commemoration and choice of quote.

    My entry

  2. Beautiful photo for a perfect commemoration, MIlli!

  3. What a sincere entry for the theme, and your country!
    I like how you composed this image. Milli

    Here is my: 200th I&W

  4. Interesting photo - the history of Australia is very interesting.

  5. An interesting lesson in your country's history.

  6. Your love for your country is between every word, Milli"

    lovely presentation!

  7. Enlarged your image is even better, it's like I could walk right into it. Absolutely super entry!

    Our second century