Monday, February 25, 2013

Images And Words Week 199 ~ Unusual Structures

Sue is our Host this week and I do recommend 
that you visit her wonderful post on 
I have chosen these unusual and colourful little bathing boxes, which by the way, are worth a fortune when you consider their size.


  1. Could almost be an english beach but a good subject for the photo. And I know what you mean by being worth a fortune. I could not afford to buy one in England, they are out of proportion with the prices

  2. These are quite the cat's MEOW!!!
    Vibrantly attractive and certainly an unusual structure, at least for my neck of the woods!

    Great post, Milli!

    ( containing everything one needs? that's intriguing so I ask you...what's inside these colorful boxes??)

  3. Lovely colorful bathing boxes!
    Unusual indeed.

  4. Quaint and colourful, I love them!!! Here is MY I&W ENTRY

  5. This is a beautiful shot of the unusual houses.
    I would love to see something like this.
    Do you own them or rent them?
    They are so colorful.
    What is inside?
    Love them.

  6. I have a link
    to these particular Bathing Boxes Here if anyone wants to read their history.

  7. A lovely very colourful photo Milli. I know what's in them. LOL

    1. wonderful photograph, Milli, I have always liked this specific shot. I also want to take a peep inside, presume they are privately owned?

      I think the only place I have ever seen these is in Cape Town. False Bay or Muizenberg Strand. Now why on earth did I not take a photograph. Looking everywhere, but think it could have been the year we went down for a funeral , before I got a digital camera *sigh*

  8. Love this picture, Milli! Bright colours in a row... They remind me a small summer resort in the north of Portugal, where most of the houses overlooking the sea are colorful stripped.