Sunday, August 26, 2012

I&W Now I&Q's Trial 173 ~ The Journey Begins.

Images With Quotes

Trial 172

The Journey Begins

This is a test for a new way of sharing our Images And Words posts.
 Now known as Images With Quotes
We have a base group site in Flickr.

You can leave a comment and your link at the bottom of this post.

Our Multiply Home will still be used until it causes problems to post there.

Remember to share your post where ever it might be in either Flickr or Multiply but we encourage you to join the group at Flickr because it will make a safe haven in case of any storms encountered further down the   

Cheers From Milli.


  1. You should be able to leave a comment here but if it is not possible please go to Multiply and leave a comment about your journey there or on Flickr.

    1. OKAY will also go to flicker have an account there to

  2. Thanks, Milli, for the visit. I've got a bit confused about the new way. Not sure my understanding is correct. Anyway, I've also posted my entry on Flickr. One doubt I have: It must be a quote or can we use our own words? I was about to forget to say how much I like your photo and quote. Beautiful combination....

  3. Here is mine and personally this is enough for my entry each week, I don't really need to post in Flickr, but if I have to, OK
    My Entry

    1. It is entirely up to you Pat..but as the photos go into the pool those who can not get to us on Blogger or can not comment because they are not able can still see your entry and comment in Flickr. Also once the photos start to go into the pool they can be viewed in the lightbox or they can be viewed as a slie show which is all rather nice. Thanks once again and the decision will be yours of course.

  4. Belita it is as it always was but to get that old name in Flickr was not possible as someone else has that name for a group.
    I see your photo on Flickr and it is perfect thank you. You are grasping this quite quickly and the more that do the easier it all will be. All you need to do now is go back to flickr and leave your Blogger link under your photo please. that way if anyone wants to view your beautiful post and blogsite on blogger they can.
    As we get more photos in the group pool it is possible to view them all in a slideshow which will be fun too!!!

  5. That is beautiful and love the quote

  6. so true.....and a beautiful picture milli !

    hey...have u added me on blogger...i haven't seen u on my page....

  7. A great theme and a wonderful capture Milli;)
    hERE IS MINE: Images and Quotes