Friday, May 18, 2012

Next Shot Week 12 ~ Bokeh Effect

Thanks Joanne For giving us a chance to produce some beautiful Photos for the group Next Shot.

The Bokeh effect is this week's theme.

"the "Bokeh" effect. Simply put, a photo that has a Bokeh effect has a soft, blurred background, while the intended subject of the photo is sharp and in focus. The subject of the photo can be anything - a person or a thing, usually shot as a close-up or a macro."

It was easy for me to find my subjects for this theme.
All I had to do was wander around the garden this morning.

Starting with these stunning Chrysanthemums.

Dog's Bane

Red Petunias



  1. I was wanting to see your 'offerings' but I can only view the Salvia, for some strange reason the first three are 'unavailable'?

  2. I will fix the problem now for you Lyn.

  3. All wonderful shots. I think the Dog's Bane is my own favourite!!

  4. Wow, Im glad I got to see these. They are perfect! Particularly like how well the colors come out too

  5. All so incredibly beautiful, Milli. My fav is the last - the Salvia. I love the water drops teetering on the edge of the petals. Great examples of bokeh :-)

  6. You must have a beautiful garden. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Your shots are great examples of Bokeh.
    Love them all but that Savia just grabs my eye..
    The colors are all so bright and cheerful.

  7. Gorgeous color in all 4 of these! I love the Dog's Bane. I've never seen it before.Simply amazing!

    Next Shot ~ week # 12 ~ The bokeh effect

  8. WOW!!!!!!. They are stunning Milli.

  9. They are all gorgeous! Excellent shots.

  10. All beautiful but love the Dogs Bane - wil have to look it up on line. The salvia looks a bit like snapdragon. Flowers are not something I know much about but you seem to have a love for them. You gt some nice bokeh effects too - particular;y the last shot and the dogs bane - it really enhanses the subjects!! Such a nice theme this week!