Saturday, March 3, 2012

Next Shot Week 2 ~Wide Angle Photos ~ Theme Landscapes.

Thanks Sonny for this interesting theme.
There is only one rule at next shot----YOU HAVE TO TAKE A FRESH ONE , That's the sole purpose of this group, to encourage you to examine your camera settings, experiment keeping the theme in mind and click away until you get something to your satisfaction and ours........blow our minds away....think composition, think perspective, think frame....and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Which brings me to today's technique and theme .......we are just beginning ,we will keep it simple....

I took a detour on the way home from work and drove to a local gorge.
I will submit a few photos for the wide angle Landscape theme.

A deep gorge and very high and steep it is bigger than it looks here.

Looking toward the footbridge.

And Lastly A View North From the Bridge.


  1. Wow these are all fantastic Milli, but the first really grabs my eye beautiful strong colour and the plants in the foreground providing a side frame and drawing you into the image, awesome work as always Milli thanks for contributing this week;)

  2. Thanks baz the first is my official photo but Sonny loves a bit of brown landscape too lol So her wish was my command.
    I am glad that you liked my capture.

  3. *lol* it's so amaxing to see the difference between our pics, millie, and now i'm not talking of quality etc, but of climate/ nature.
    Love your images so filled by colours and light!

  4. Wonderful! I love them. All remind me of spring! LOL Which we are not having today!

    Next Shot

  5. Milli, could you put the lens details on the photos? I dont have a very wide angle lens, the lowest is 18mm... wishing for a fisheye though lol...
    I will try to get back here with something a little later, right now, its a late breakfast

  6. These are stunning Milli. I took some photos this afternoon but cant upload them form flicker for the first time ever. Have another go tomorrow.

  7. I used my Canon IXUS Lyn, because I came directly from work to this nature spot. It is a smaller point and shoot and the lens is a 28mm - wide angle. 35mm film equivalent.
    This may not really help you as a comparison with your Canon 600d SLR.
    Focal length is 5.0 (W) - 20.0 (T) mm
    This camera has a fish eye feature as well.
    I will shoot one sometime soon for you to see.

  8. the colours stand out so well milli....the composition in each picture....really lovely landscapes milli....

  9. Thanks Sonny. I am glad they came up to scratch.

  10. I understand Amalie. Your summer photos are full of this light too.

  11. I saw your white entry Dear and I understand how much you want Spring there.

  12. I hope that you have Flickr sorted now Shayna as I look forward to viewing your photos.

  13. Ive gotten myself confused. Is this another group? I was thinking it was Creative Challenge lol... oh well.. heres my effort, let me know where i should post the link lol

  14. oh my! love all of these, but especially the bridge shot. What beautiful greens and blues!

    Next Shot Week # 2~ Wide angle shots