Friday, March 2, 2012

Autumn's 2012 New Glory

The First Day of March is Our Official Autumn
Not that nature needs to be told any particular date because it has been working towards Autumn for a few weeks now.

So just as the Northern Hemisphere steps tentatively into Spring
We in the Southern Hemisphere have started to trot into Autumn.

I ventured out today to take a few photos locally
And was not disappointed by the seasonal changes already happening.

Like the deterioration on the leaves of a glory vine above.

In contrast to the orchard below where fruit ripens and lavenders flower profusely


A different type of lavender below.

Fruit and Herbs Happily grow together.

Good Bye Summer and Welcome Autumn.
Hopefully we will have more beautiful days ahead. Being in a more mild climate we usually have a Glorious Autumn.
Warm sunny days and cool nights and of course the beautiful colours from natures palette.

Cheers to the Good Days!
What Ever Your Season.

Milli 12


  1. Amazing shots - love the vibrant colours.

  2. Beautiful I love seeing the contrast between your garden and mine at this time of year. yours getting ready to sleep and mine awaking from its long slumber;)

  3. Thanks Anders. It was a lovely day out today. Work the next three days.

  4. Thanks Baz we certainly have the opposite situations. But as you said it is wonderful to view each others new season. Thank you.

  5. Great pics!!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  6. LOL yes I am just loading up a few "before" pics as I start the garden spring clean lol;)

  7. Cheers back to you. We are in a big transition weather wise. Warm and windy yesterday. Was 58 degrees F. early last night but at 7:00 AM this morning 29 degrees F. Our last frost date is around mid to late April. I have some daffodils blooming.

    Milli, Your photos are beautiful. I have one lavender plant. Wish I had lots of them.

  8. Wonderful shots Milli, beautiful autumn colours!! Love the lavender shots in particular.

  9. Ah yes Baz there is a bit of Autumn cleaning to do here as well.

  10. Aww I hope the lovely weather comes your way soon Lynda.
    Yes they would look beautiful on mass in your garden.
    Thank you so much! x

  11. They were stunning. Thanks Mitch.

  12. Well I don't know about our Autumn starting yet as I haven't seen any sign of it here yet, and you are only over the ditch so to speak. What a hoot.
    Your photos are beautiful. You wouldn't happen to know what the second lot of lavender is called would you Milli?

  13. Here is a site for you to check out Shayna,,
    I think that it is english lavender.
    I know the weather has been out of kilter for you guys over the ditch. Hope that you have a lovely Autumn.

  14. thanks for that lin Milli. I have bookmarked it. I never have any luck growing the stuff. I think Autumn is a long way away yet. nothing is turning colour where i am anyway.