Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three of My January Favourites.

                                     snapper point
A Mobile Phone Capture. I did not want to miss the colours.
We are a global family here on Multiply and just as our friends in the Northern Hemisphere batten down for Winter and try to keep warm
We here in the Southern Hemisphere experience our Summer and try to make as much use of our daylight hours as possible.
This causes a few problems with posting. I have found when I have more time to blog many of my friends are enjoying their fun in the sun and when I am having my daily frolic in the warmer weather my friends are all posting more.
So with this as my excuse for being away more than usual I thought it was high time to submit a few photos from my January.
Keep warm Dear Friends up North and as for my Southern Friends if your weather has been anything like ours keep dry!
Cheers - Milli.
                                         Scotch Thistles Wild
Above Wild Thistles Flowering Near a Seaside Path.

                                        Seaside plants
Native Flora growing in the sand by  the seaside. I took advantage of the free
Picnik via Flickr framing in these last weeks of Picnik's existence.

Surprise I threw in a fourth!!!
Help Yourselves To a Treat!


  1. love the first one...its just perfect milli....did u touch up the colours....?

  2. Hi There Sonny I took it into Flickr and added vibrancy. This was a lovely capture with my phone even though the phone is only a smart phone.

  3. Hello Good Morning Milli, nice to catch you on line. It is 10h40am here in sunny summery South Africa. I know what you mean about season and time differences, at times very frustrating. So happy to see your smiling face and your lovely captures. The colours in the Sunse ? are magnificent , have only ever seen this on your side of the globe, my daughter Melissa lived in Perth for 6 months and took the most incredible photographs from the beach. I there. Your Thistle is beautiful, can you imagine a Thistle being beautiful but that one is !! I love taking close ups of wild flowers but have not got anything nice like this. Is Flickr also closing ????? I am furious on loosing out on my Picnik, they refunded my money by the way !! *grabs a chockie* Thank you , I need some energy this morning.
    Have a wonderful day, though I suspect it is late evening by you ?????????

  4. Hi Marianne it is 7.30pm here and it seems I am ending my day as you begin yours.
    Australia does have a great placing for beautiful sunsets and we are particularly lucky because our beach faces the west.
    MMM.. you know what I think that you are correct. It Will be Picnik closing and maybe not Flickr after all. I know Slide is going and that poses a problem for my guest book here.
    Help yourself to the treats Marianne they are cyber calorie less.
    I will amend the Flickr bit. lol thanks to you. Have a really great day xo

  5. Beautiful three and I indulged myself with the cherry taste.... thanks!

  6. Wonderful Milli all very beautiful;)

  7. now past my lunch time, better go feed my poor stomach, sorry got stuck on your page and then busy with clients. Have a lovely evening or a lovely sleep if that is what it is. I will carry on with my silly stupid Wednesday for a while longer. LOL

  8. You are an artist with the camera.

  9. Very much so.

    Do enjoy your warmth and I'm envious of that. I think I would enjoy a mild climatic all year round.

  10. Yummy snacks. I better go get some dinner. Lovely photos too.