Monday, February 6, 2012

Images & Words ~ Farewell ~ Dear Mia and Joel.


Images And Words

It is a time for sad farewells and to say hello to new beginnings in I&W.

Both Joel and Mia have decided to call it quits and pursue their photographic passions elsewhere.

I will take over the Helm with some new help from group members.

I would like to invite all my friends on Multiply to come and join us in this creative and fun group. I will be sending you all invites soon.

Thanks Dear Mia and Joel for your time and dedication to the I&W group.


We have All achieved so very much.

Farewell My Friends. xo 


  1. Hi Milli - I & W has been passed into the perfect hands - congratulations. Love your post - perfect words and photo combination - cute even!!! As it was Joels last theme I thought to join in once more and say goodbye.

  2. Hi there Keith so good to see you here. It is sad to say goodbye to Mia and Joel but I thank you for your vote of support and encouraging words. I truly do hope that you will join us again in I&W Keith because you have much to share that is so very You and wonderful. x

  3. An awesome group, wish I could have participated more frequently! Good luck to both of you in all you persue xx

  4. Sweet li'l chicks. They appear to want to go in separate directions. Love the words.

    Thanks for your comment, dear!

  5. Awww, that photo is just too cute Milli. Are they yours?

    Yes, it's been great times Milli, thanks for all the fun! And thanks also for your sweet words here and on PT.
    All the very best for taking I&W on, you know the ropes very well already, I will tell you how to change settings etc,
    it's very easy... I'll still be around here now and then, so it's not a "real" farewell lol


  6. Love it and congrats on taking the Helm;)

  7. These little darlings Mia are very fresh. I took this photo on Sunday evening before the post.
    These are two of our new little baby quails. Minute actually but oh so very cute.
    I a glad that I will still be able to give you a call every now and then. xo

  8. awwwwwwwwww....they are adorable.....but then baby everythings are!
    I'm so happy that you are picking up the reins.....I just hope you stay on for a very long time!

    Images & Words #144 " So Long/Farewell "

  9. Milli those little chicks are so cute.

    I am so glad you are taking over. They sure left the group in good hands. I
    know you will make it a very exciting and creative Group.