Monday, January 9, 2012

Story From A Painting ~ Sangeeta

Story from a Painting:
A popular blog festival of the erstwhile yahoo 360 blog community.

Rules: Anyone can participate. All you need to do is compose a small write-up – in the form of a story or a poem, along with the given painting, along with a brief description of ‘A story from a painting festival’, so that your readers can understand what you have written about. Inspire as many of your friends as you can, to participate. Nobody will Judge your story based on your language or your view point. The idea is to observe the various dimension of perception of various people. Therefore the write-up has to be based on this painting. You can post your story on your wall, in your notes and share it on my wall so that many others can read you. Every Entry will be respected by one and all. We observe only the POSITIVE sides in this festival! It is a celebration of everyone’s ability to express in his/her own words. Please see to it that your security settings allow people other than your friends to visit your story area and post comments. You can also post you story in any of the blog sites like Blogspot, my space, wordpress, multiply etc., and post the link on my timeline. It is not a competition, but a fun-filled activity where you find the confluence of creative minds, expressing through words. According to the entries coming up, this festival will go on for 10 days or more.

Watercolour on Cold Pressed paper

By Vinod Laxman.



I will never forget

The flip of your luxurious hair

Nor your beautiful dark eyes so full of despair

As you turned and walked away from me.


On This Day

Etched in my mind this vision of you

Will firmly stay

With in each heart beat

Your exotic beauty beckons me more and more

 Dangerous liaison's worlds apart

How could we know

What was in store

My sweet princess

My wildest dream

The one I adore


Now you turn and you walk away

All my dreams shattered

I can't make you stay


What else can I say


That I am sorry

It wasn't meant

To turn out this way.


I Love You.

Mai tumse pyar karta hoo

Milli 12

Please feel free to join this festival. I will leave the link to Vinod's Timeline Here.

Link To Vinod's Gallery!/pages/Vinods-Gallery/105725329469932





  1. Please join in Sonny I know you will like Vinod's festival and his paintings.

  2. Very nice Milli. Not sure I have time to join just right now but sure will give it some thought. Being at my folks helping with my Dad is taking a lot of time.

  3. Thanks Lynda for sparing the time to visit. Please feel free to join if and when you can. xo

  4. Beautiful Milli- You have the gift.

  5. Milli that was so quick and so imaginative, this too besides the original painting gives me inspiration...

  6. Thank you Manju. I look forward to reading yours too!

  7. A creative poem very well written, MIlli!