Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CC 185 Nostalgic


Creative Challenge 185

A Nostalgic Journey


 The horse drawn tram

Which commutes across the causeway

Throughout the day

Was first built in 1894

A unique and wonderful experience

When one Ventures out for the Day

To the Historic Town of

Victor Harbor.

These beautiful old trams are very few in the world today

Fourteen Hefty and Magnificent

Clydesdale Horses Pull The Trams

From Victor Harbor across the Old Wooden Causeway

To Granite Island.

Every time I visit I am reminded


Of The Many Clip-pity Clop

Rides My Family and I have Taken over time 


Milli 12






  1. what an odd looking vehicle. i have never seen anything like that.

  2. It is very odd as it is also very unique Z.
    You would love to ride in it though as it is like stepping wayyyyy back in time.
    It has quite a smooth ride to it actually. It is one of only three horse drawn tramways anywhere in the world. (The others are in Japan and on the Isle of Man.)
    The horses have there pulling pace down pat and as the causeway is quite narrow people walk to one side as the trams pass by.

  3. Fascinating. I grew up in a city that had an electric tram system, which was in the process of being phased out when I was a small boy. I loved to watch them. I've never seen a horse-drawn version, although I have heard of the one on the Isle Of Man.

  4. Neat bit of nostalgic blogging Milli - I did not know anything like this was still in any sort of service in Australia! I like the nostalgic look you created in the photo too suits the theme heaps!

  5. imagine ! i so love stuff like this...i am totally born in the wrong era !

    beautiful vintage look to the photo milli

  6. We too had trams in Adelaide and still do but they are the modern kind.
    This one is more of a tourist attraction these days Mitch but still a very popular choice for many of the visitors and locals.

  7. Thanks Keith. I did try to create a nostalgic look and feel to this photo taken last Friday.
    I am glad that you liked the effect.

  8. Oh Sonny you would be in your element here I am sure.
    Thanks Sonny I tried for that Vintage look.

  9. Wow... that's very unique!!!! Love this nostalgia...
    Thanks, Milli, for visiting mine.

  10. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a fabulous pic and the words want to take me to our huckleberry railroad! xxx

  11. oh what FUN!!! this is the perfection of nostalgia! Love it!

  12. what an amazing vehicle of transport......truly awesome photo and write, Milli

    thanks for dropping by

  13. that is some wagon, would love a ride in it, and the Clydesdales are so magnificent

  14. Love this photo. We visited Granite island when my son was 2 (17 yrs ago) and since then, Ive had a nightmare where that bridge is collapsing behind me, as I run back to mainland. So Ive told hubby we are never walking across it again lol

  15. Terrific photo.

    Here is another CC...