Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Has Been Ages. Happy New Year 2012

Life Has
Become For Some
Like A Fish Out Of Water

2011 vanished before my eyes at a whirlwind pace. Or so it seemed.
Sometimes leaving me feeling like a fish out of water.
The photo above was taken in mid 2011 and this poor fish was definitely left almost high and dry. A large sea bird plucked it out of the water and as the bird circled above it inadvertantly dropped the fish from it's mouth back down onto the sand below where the startled fish then landed in a small pool of water on the edge of a reef.
I could not believe my eyes as the fish started wriggling and splashing in the shallows.
The bird obviously disgusted with itself flew off without even a second look as those of us who were privy to this act of nature tried to push the poor fish into deeper water.
After much splashing and prodding by a lady with her sandal, the fish sheltered under the reef shelf in slightly deeper water awaiting the now incoming tide to free it back into it's deep water sea home.
Of course I was not literally out of the water in 2011 like the fish. However there were times when it seemed that I was not able to just languish in the sand paddling my feet in the shallows at an easy pace whilst enjoying my self with all that was familiar and safe.
It now seemed more like the world around me had become a maelstrom of unexpected changes and events.
Catastrophic Events tumbling into one another in very quick succession like I had never witnessed before.
The world as I knew it certainly had become a smaller place. All of the certainties many of us have taken for granted in the past, in all areas of our lives, can never be taken for granted again.
The fish found a safe haven and I am sure that it swam off into the deeper waters as the tide covered the reef and I think that is good sign for all of us.
For me it says..
Find your safe haven be prepared to accept help and give needed help to all. Even from and to strangers. We are all in this together even if we don't like it. But the tide will turn and we will find our way back to the tried and true eventually.
Milli 12

I would like to wish all my Blogger friends a Very Happy 2012.
Photography has over taken my passion for writing these days. I can be found on Facebook and if any one would like to connect with me there, you will find my FB name as
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Like A Fish Out Of Water is an Idiom Meaning...
A person is uncomfortable in the situation they find that they are in.

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