Sunday, January 15, 2012

Images & Words Week 141 - My Favourite Movie Quote

Images & Words this week brought to you by our guest host Anders.

Thanks For Hosting

My Favourite Movie Quote.



  1. Hi folks it was either my box of chocolates or my comfortable old shoes...thought the chocolate box would have been more visually appealing LOL.

  2. But I like shoes too!
    ...okay, second to chocolate. Nicely done.

  3. Perfect Milli , I would love to have said great out of the box thinging but of course its right in the box lol;)

  4. aaaaaaaaaaawww I love it, of my favourite quotes too and I love your box of chocolate photograph with my favourite plant flanking it. Poinsettia, no Christmas with out it. ............. Any chokkies left for me by chance??............ *sneaks across with one hand slowly*

  5. Love this.
    I probably won't have an entry this week.

  6. I absolutely Love this movie . I have seen it a thousand times.
    .... And that is one of my favourite quotes in the movie~!!
    Thanks Milli for your comment on mine~!!

  7. Now this is one of my favorite quotes.
    I loved the movie.
    Your box of chocolates is fabulous pictures.
    Very exquisite.
    Can I have a piece?

  8. Great choice! Love the colors!

  9. Hi Milli .... a "classic" choice from a classic movie