Sunday, May 1, 2011

Images & Words ~ 2nd Birthday ~ The Four Elements

Congratulations Images and Words on two fabulous years of Creativity.

The theme for this special edition is

The Four Elements

Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

I have chosen to make my I&W





  1. lovely, but how do you pass?

    cool looking trees

  2. Don't you just love lanes like that? They invite everything from conjuring up great stories to write to romance and picnics. Delightful!

  3. Fantastic shot Milli. I'd love to take a stroll down that road. Those trees are amazing!

  4. Indeed so true. We must cherish the very world we live on. Wonderful images to go along with the theme. Beautiful alley. Thanks for your comment, dear!

  5. Very nice photo and the words are so true. Right now our president is trying to make it very very hard on the farmers and ranchers that feed our country and many others.

    Rockin' Heart Ranch Images & Words 2 Year Anniversary

  6. There will be a food shortage in only a few years time if the stupidity of governments do not recognise that farmers carry us all. Human Priorities seem to have gone out the window as Greed takes over. Not Good policy even for the policy makers. We all need to eat to live. We must also sustain our Earth it and the other three elements are the basics of All Life.

  7. Stunning, Milli !!
    the collage is a wonderful example of all 4 elements
    Your photo chosen for "EARTH" is utterly beautiful !

    Images & Words~Special Edition ~Second Anniversary

  8. gosh Milli I love the perspective of this pic...absolutely gorgeous..framable for sure!!

  9. Lovely Milli. I Love trees and these are Beautiful.
    Thanks for Your comment on mine.
    That was taken In Fontana, California.

  10. Very nice photo..unique, comforting, mysterious all at once.

  11. wow those trees are amazing!!! incredible photo and so true the words.
    I&W ~ 2yr Anniversary ~Fire Water Earth Air : Let It Shine

  12. I love your collage. And the photo is absolutely
    fantastic. Yes for sure get it framed.
    Send me a copy...I would hang it in my living room.
    What perspective.

  13. A truer quote may not exist Milli and this lane is beautiful. I'm glad you chose this one. I so love trees.

  14. Oh so you're an Aussie too....That is a beautiful picture above.