Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maths! Ma and Pa Kettle Style.

I loved watching The Ma and Pa Kettle movie series years ago.
Always good for a laugh and now on looking back I believe I am a bit of a 'Ma'
myself these days lol.
In saying that I am a bit of a Ma, I want to assure you that I certainly do not have fifteen kids.
Marjorie Main who played Ma alongside Percy Kilbride as Pa, was never actually a mother in her private life, although most of the time as an actress she played mothers.
Percy and Marjorie were cast as lovable country characters with a brood of kids and various off sides to go with them throughout their eight movies starting with,
The Egg and I a 1947 classic.
However there were ten movies made altogether.
The last Marjorie and Percy, Ma and Pa Movie was completed in 1955 due to the demise of Percy Kilbride due to a vehicle accident.
The Kettles handy men, Geoduck and Crowbar were for me a big part of my fondness for the Kettles Movies.
I must admit Pa's supervision of these two 'handymen' and the subsequent antics that ensued, gave me raucous belly laughs at the time of viewing them.
I also developed a fine appreciation for the correct way to do any future handyman jobs that needed to be done around the home. lol. Mind you I might have a fine appreciation but that is only me. It is not unusual for me to think of Pa and his handymen as I observe what goes on around here at times.
So leaving you with a little bit of Ma and Pa at their most confused best. Confusing for everyone else never Ma or Pa who are always clear and objective in their personal realities.
LOL Enjoy!
Mil 11

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