Sunday, March 6, 2011

Images & Words #96- FUN

Thank You Delightful Mia for this Fun theme this week in

Images & Words..

Even though my grand daughter was full of concentration here

 Everyone around her was in a fun mood and she was too.

Blowing bubbles is fun but it takes a little bit of concentration to get them to float off freely.

Have Fun Everyone


Enjoy Your Lives to The Fullest!



  1. And determination comes from the eyes.
    This girl will succeed..

  2. have much insight!
    Thank You.

  3. What a little beauty Milli, love what you did with the shot, it really puts the focus on her...
    Great words too...
    Thanks for your kind words on both mine

  4. Oh, yes! Bubble blowers are always fun. And isn't she just adorable as she blows bubbles from her blower.

  5. She's too cute! Lovely picture, Milli! I love the "feathered" effect on the people in the background!

  6. agrees with Joel !

    the concentration she has is expressed in her eyes .......she's adorable !

    Looks to be something on the cover of "Parent's Magazine", summer edition

    Images & Words #96 ~ FUN !

  7. She is cute indeed. Focusing on the difficult task of blowing bubbles. Delightful pic and wonderful words.

    Thanks for your appreciative comment, dear!

  8. Oh what a gorgeous child ... stunning picture ......

  9. Looove the pic Milli...just love it!!!

    How are you today my friend..was sooo good talking to you the other good!!

  10. Wow! She's beautiful, Milli. I always loved blowing bubbles and the look on her face shows her concentration! Love it!

  11. Love this. I keep bubble equipment around for children (young and young at heart)

    Rockin' Heart Ranch Images & Words Week 96 "Fun"

  12. awww, this is perfectly adorable. I love it. What a wonderful capture.

    ' Nothing like bubbly fun and even more, bubbly laughter!

    Images & Words Week # 96 ~ Fun

  13. This Is FUN!!
    I Loved making Bubbles when I was a kid and My
    Sons loved 'em and My Grandkids loved 'em .
    I remember the Bubble making stuff was sold in bottles with
    a wand just like this when I was a kid.
    Some things never change and That's Good!!

  14. That's fun! I remember when I was a child how blowing bubbles gave me fun...

  15. Great shot Milli !! I love that 'zooming in' effect.Yup, even fun requires a bit of concentration sometimes :-))

  16. AWWWW what a beauty she is.
    Thanks for your visit and kind comment . Come to Turkey and have FUN .

  17. Brilliant photo.Great words ,laughter bursting forth from the soul.