Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well It Is Official The Kookaburra Has The last Laugh.

Two Iconic Songs from Australia have just had their day in court so to speak.

Men at Works Classic 80s Song

Down Under


Was Deemed to have been plagiarised from the 1934 song

Kookaburra Sits in The Old Gum Tree by Toorak teacher Marion Sinclair for a Girl Guides competition.

Listen to the cacophony below and please tell me your thoughts?




Today the court decided that the last laugh goes to the kookaburra.

Story Here



Leave me your thoughts below as I go for a Vegemite sandwich in the land down below and listen to the kookaburras Laughing their heads off!!! in the old gum tree.

Milli 10


  1. Thats an awful small part of the song "Down Under" to call the whole song plagiarism. I think I'd appeal the case!

  2. It seems that they will be paying for it though.
    An Except from the media release today below.

    "The parties will meet again on February 25 to discuss the findings and begin discussions about costs.

    Larrikin Music's lawyer Adam Simpson says EMI and Down Under may be forced to hand over as much as 60 per cent of their earnings from the international hit record.

    'It's a big win for the underdog,' Mr Simpson told reporters outside the court."


  3. palag...pelag....errrrrr...stealin or not....its still a top song, and so is the linkybugga

  4. Got to hand it to ya Peter you know a good song or two when you hear them.

  5. How they figured Men At Work plagarised that piece of s*** is beyond me. Must but a bunch of old dodderers hearing and judging the case. "A victory for the underdog" my arse.....greed, pure and simple.

  6. What a load of ...... excuse me, there would be about 4 similar notes and that's all, those judges must all be tone deaf that's my verdict lol...

  7. i agree with mr. wayne above. it's indeed a very small part to charge the band with plagiarism and a million dollar compensation to boot. what the? an appeal is in order.

  8. LMAO Agrees with Mia and Mitch **** ****!!!!!!!!!! A few notes can not be considered plagiarism!!!!!!

  9. this seems like BS...I can think of a dozen songs that sound more like something else than this....pretty soon new music will be cramped to find new 'riffs'

  10. Thanks for all the comments and it seems most of us are bewildered by the judges decision.
    This case just might open up a big can of worms, for more than just the Kookaburra.

  11. Milli, this song was put out back in the late 80's if my memory serves me correctly and this has been an ongoing situation? Regardless it was a good song in an era where we wore rugby pants and danced :)

  12. I was in Paris changing my flight and when finished the girl said,
    "Are you Australian"
    I replied."No luv, I wished I was."
    I first read the song in comics in 1932.
    It is nice to know the spirit of REAL Englishmen lives on.
    Convicted as we were for stealing a rabbit.

  13. Yes it certainly does and it was a winner..Seems that they will appeal.

  14. Yes Bill You are a true English Gentle man too.

  15. Great bird song and i like the others too.

  16. He's So Fine vs. My Sweet Lord, where Geoge Harrison was sued saying he plagiarised the chiffons song. Hey, when it comes down to it, Rock'n Roll is all plagiarised with the 1-4-5 patterns which based on gospel music. Gee, there's room for everyone! Live n let live. Set a 10 year rule, automatically make songs public domain after 10 years then call the sound-a-likes songs "Inspired bys" Here are others accused:

  17. Hey, it just hit me, 20 yeas ago my brother actually left a stinker that sounded like a motorcycle shifting gears; we laughed; but please don't tell anyone because I don't want my brother getting sued by a company that builds bikes for exhaust trademark infrindgment; then again, that could be proof that plagiarism law suits really do stink!