Sunday, January 17, 2010

Images and Words # 37 ~ Hot.

Thanks Mia for this fun theme.



  1. That is some car! Made for a neat photo for the theme.

  2. I thought so too when I saw it last week. Thanks once again Lynda.

  3. WOW what a hot beauty that is, can I have it??? love those kind of HOT cars lol.
    Great shot Milli and weren't you HOT off the press he he he

  4. I have been described as hot, alas I am trying to feel where I am warm after all this snow.
    I truly hope to avoid any future temperature rises. lol

  5. Awesome! Even the stones or bricks on the church seem to be reflecting the hot orange hot rod :-)

  6. Milli we should go cruizin sometime.
    Love this 33 or 34 Ford 2 door Sedan
    with the chopped top and fully customized
    You took the perfect photo of it. Magazine
    quality. Perfect background too.

  7. That really is a hot car to say the least Milli!
    I love the colour!

  8. Wow, I'd like to take that out for a lil zoom zoom. Bet it gets noticed. Great shot.

  9. Now Milli, you are steping int my turf here as you know cars are my specialty, and so I must say: Nice Hot Shot. LOL

    ~ * ~ Hot ~ * ~

  10. Finsbury Park Empire London 1967.?
    Two tickets to see the Beach Boys Live.
    I drove my Daughter and her current to see it.
    Can't remember when she got home but I never worried.
    She always carried her Black Taxi fare home.
    My favourite contained the word California USA.
    I will have to show you my UF 742 sometime 1933 Ford my first car.

  11. Thanks for the visit, thinking together they'd make for a great team.

  12. Very cool car - love the background building!