Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Amazing Video From The Aftermath of The Destruction in Haiti.

I know many have seen this small video and thanks to Robbie for alerting me to it here in a Multiply post of his.

Watch closely as the Brazilian soldier holding his phone video, pans the scene in Port-Au-Prince, in front of Sacre Coeur Church.

As the dust settles see the statue of Jesus on the cross, still standing tall in front of the rubble that was once this church.

Hear those still dazed give their praise to Jesus as the statue remains intact.

Natural disasters are indiscriminate and never pick or choose where they will strike nor who will be taken or left behind.

However clever man may think he is, nature is a mighty force to reckon with and in any crisis it will be our Personal Faith and the Support given by our fellow humans who will help to deliver us All through these tragic times.

Just see the irony here...

A Brazilian soldier stationed in Port-Au-Prince with the United Nations peacekeeping units in Haiti, captured the chaos and panic that followed the earthquake on Tuesday. Soldier Luis Diego Morais was escorting Brazilian Nobel Peace Prize nominee Zilda Arns, who was speaking inside the Sacre Coeur church, when it collapsed. Using his camera phone, Morais captured the aftermath of the earthquake.






  1. my heart bleeds seeing them. . . if only i can help

  2. This is so sad, death and destruction on this scale makes us all feel small and inadequate

  3. Very very tragic. I hope the relief effort continues to grow.

  4. Very sad...God bless them.Thank you Milli for sharing with us.

  5. And very vulnerable at times too Baz.

  6. God Bless and give those affected, relief as soon as possible Darren. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. A point to be made?
    Jesus was on the steps of the Temple not inside it and so it is ad-infinitum.
    Where ever two people meet in my name,-------
    Port-Au-Prince is a lesson for us all as the State hunkers down until it is safe to control.
    This is how it should be, but with attention and help for the founders of its position.