Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pete's Pick 5 # Fantasy





My Purple Fantasy

I have a favourite colour fantasy

The colour purple is what it be

I love the different purple hues

That I find amongst my daily views

After finding some purple wisteria

 I became ecstatic and went into purple hysteria

I clicked and clicked this exotic vine

In shades of purple so Divine

Then I found a Judas Tree

Yes it nearly ruined me

 Purple Blossoms full of bees

 Magnificent when in bloom these trees

At night I thought my Purple fantasy would end

Until I closed my eyes and my dreams did send

Me to a purple world, I did not know

This purple dream-time  I could go

Where I was then propelled into a Purple Bliss

And another purple fantasy, I could not miss!

Milli 09







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  1. My what a wonderful, blissful, purple fantasy you have shared. Thanks for playing along Ms. Milli

  2. Thank You Rita I could not help my self I am loving this Spring and Purples...LOL

  3. My purple wisteria decided to take over the garden - I am still arguing with it - you can have it free, just pay for the transport charges. Nothing against purple fantasy, great poem and I can see the love you have for the colour, one of my favourites as well, but my fantasy is slowly becoming a nightmare. Enjoy your Spring down under.

  4. Nice job with all the purple things. That's my daughter's favorite color.

  5. ha ha ha ...I was waiting for you to mention the ol' purple people eater.....
    but you missed that one.....
    great read Milli...
    At least I know now, you love
    If I ever get to visit you, I'll look for the purple house, with the purple car parked beside it........

  6. # When The Deep Purple Falls #, did it for me.

    1938 becoming a man, sporting new swimming trunks, posing just in case.
    Nothing happened but was I worried?
    Never. I drove them away with my ice cream cone. lol
    But, your poem is serious stuff.
    A kind of Boadicea riding a purple chariot rounding up dreams.

  7. I would love it Pat but don't think the customs would allow me to have it. So sorry about your nightmare there. I have always loved purple however as the most preferred colour it seems red becomes me as well. So I will keep the purple passion and indulge in of both worlds. lol.

  8. Thanks Lynda and the purple fun starts with the coments now flying purple on my post here..LOL

  9. LOL I could not find one ..yet Pete. BTW I had scrubbed one of my lines above and now it is back in the verse..LOL Glad you like my Purple Passions LOL. As for the car ETC nah but maybe just maybe my undies might be purple LOL and my flowers definitely

  10. Were they purple trunks Bill?
    Yes you showed those Bees who was Boss. LOL.
    Oh I love your description of me..have to hold onto that
    A kind of Boadicea riding a purple chariot rounding up dreams.

  11. Awesome Milli. The Judas Tree is what I call a Paulownia. Interesting I must check that name. I also love Wisteria too.

  12. Wonderful fantasy. Great pleasing poem. Keep it up purple lady.

  13. purple is nature now...SANAT.