Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poem Posse..Free Style...Creatively Free Me!

Laces dyed


Creatively Free Me.

Once I tried my hand at dying various fabrics,

With natural dies like tea,

Brown onion skins, mulberry.

An old fashioned blue block gave variety.

I spun some wool and

Crocheted some of it too.

Then I made pottery ceramic pieces from,

A paste known as slip

These pieces sat well in my macramé slings

I became creative with many such things

Then there was pottery

The earthy type

Hand built some of it fired in

The old Japanese style called Raku

Where we pushed coloured glass

Into the clay for the most amazing effects

Also tried the potters wheel which

I could not master

As the clay slipped around and eventually slid off the spinning wheel

And I laughed so hard at the slimy mess

These were the days of my creativity

Something I needed to do to keep my sanity.

From there it was paper flowers, dried flowers,

Writing and my poetry with

The added advantage now of my photography

I have fulfilled so many of my creative urges.

Next will be painting big bright colourful flowers

Or trying my hand at some dainty china painting.

There is so much creativity still waiting to break free

That even I

Wonder what my next creation will be?

Milli 09

Poem Posse Journey


  1. I'm smiling because I too had had many similar such creative adventures. I much preferred hand-built ceramics to the challenge of wheel throwing. That class was one of the most fun learning experiences I have had. That is one beautiful blue in the photo! Glad you've had the chance to explore making wonderful things & then sharing them. Have a great day, Milli!

  2. youre incredibly talented...on so many levels :)

  3. what a long winded way of telling us about all your hobbies....lmao......
    But it make a typical Milli poem....captivating!!

  4. Joy this does not surprise me at all. I think it was our era. You have a fun day there and Free style writing is your own particular forte..

  5. Oh much of my creativity is mediocre Heather but as you know yourself when we are exceptionally enthused about something we give it our all. You are another who writes so beautifully in free style.

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwww lovely i lov ebeing creative my ideal would be a cafe with book shop and craft with a healing garden to go and retreat to....lovelyxx

  7. LOL Pete I was not trying to bore you mate lol thanks though I appreciate...

  8. oh wow! no one could measure up to such patience and talent you possess. ^&^
    and glad you shared with us your many hobbies through free verse, wonderfully put together.

  9. Jools you go for that dream. I think it will suit you and give pleasure to so many as well. Go Girl!!! Thank You too.xoxo

  10. MJ thank You so very much for your talent as a motivator...xo

  11. yes a good motivator she is too..got me going today...thanks MJ and you milli

  12. Slip?
    When the powder gained from the rock material is mixed with other compounds. dried then water added, this damp powder stage stage is known as slip. Blown and compressed into a mould to take whatever the product shape is to be it is fired in an oven so hot that special material has to be use to transport it. Cooled and ready for decorating it is ready for glazing.
    As you can imagine that slip stage is the most important otherwise perfection in profile is lost.
    I write here about the ceramic ends of spark plugs. lol

  13. Perfectly put together and the picture is perfect for it too.... and I can't wait to see what your next creation is.....

  14. You do Bill in fact ceramics are used in technology all the time these days...Ceramics come in many forms even glass. My Ceramics were only the moulded form that was then painted glazed and fired. I will have to dig some out if there are any left. Years take their toll.

  15. cant wait to see them..do you like Claris Cliff!

  16. Yes Jools I do. I have had some lovely vases not clarice cliff but others and even some beautiful plates and unfortunately many were broken and lost in a cabinet fall many moons ago. Oh well such is life. I have a few nice keepsakes though. You?

  17. Bill this is a description of slip..and I should have mentioned the green ware too I guess.
    Slipware is a type of pottery identified by its primary decorating process where slip is placed onto the leather-dry clay body surface by dipping, painting or splashing. Slip is an aqueous suspension of a clay body, which is a mixture of clays and other minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica.

    A coating of white or coloured slip, known as an engobe, can be applied to the article to improve its appearance, to give a smoother surface to a rough body or mask an inferior colour, or for decorative effect. slips or engobes can also be applied by painting techniques, in isolation or in several layers and colors. Sgraffito involves scratching through a layer of coloured slip to reveal a different colour or the base body underneath. Several layers of slip and/or sgraffito can be done while the pot is still in an unfired state. One colour of slip can be fired, before a second is applied, and prior to the scratching or incising decoration. This is particularly useful if the base body is not of the desired colour or texture.

    Some prehistoric and historic cultures used slip as the primary decorating material on their ware. These include most prehistoric cultures of the Middle East, cultures in many areas of Africa, most pottery-making cultures in the Americas, early Korean ware, Mycenean ware, the pottery of Ancient Greece, and pre-industrialized potters in some areas of Great Britain, most notably Thomas Toft in the Staffordshire Potteries. Later cultures combined the use of slip with the application of high silica glazes.

  18. Thank You Joel all of this spanned a few decades LOL.

  19. Before I got caught up into the computer world I used to love creating things, perhaps not in the same wave length. I would make all my own clothes having an impossible form, knit everything I could and even do some patchworking. I suppose I could still do it, but since I started gardening, writing, photographing and websiting so I left it all on one side. Perhaps I might start again. At the moment am glad to be able to enjoy retirement.

  20. Well I have spanned a few of those decades myself too... lol.... no hurry

  21. What a wonderful way of describing your hobbies Milli. I have been through a few as well, with a few things round the house bearing witness. Photography is a keeper thought I reckon, once we get that bug we are caught he he and you also write so beautifully. A very talented lady you are!

  22. You enjoy your life, don't you, Milli? It shows here - your creativity and imagination are very refreshing!

  23. Hi Pat it seems many of us have taken your road too. The pc has made creativity into such an easy hobby for many of us here. To enjoy what ever you do is the key point here. Well done. You do it all so very nicely too.

  24. Hi Dear Mia I see you as a creative soul too. I bet you have a few little bits n pieces to show for that creative side. Look at you still making beautiful photos and posts and that water garden such a delight, my water lilies did not flower for some reason this year. Glad I got to see yours.

  25. Teri you have so much writing ability I think that it gets to you if you can not get it out of your system. You write with such flair you are gifted.

  26. millimusings
    Yes, your expansion of it too.
    The second stage I referred to as decorating?
    Before the War, about 1932, the was a substance that could produce all sorts of different coloured designs just by dipping a finished vase into the liquid.
    From memory I think the forming machines were made by Dorst, a German company.
    I only got involved on the first pulverising stage when someone tried some hanky panky.

  27. I knew you were talented and creative. Its YOU, All of YOU, nothing mediocre about it. I specially enjoy your sense of humour. This sounds a little like me.. although I havent tried pottery,(maybe I should hmmm..). I love the blue and the crochet is beautiful, and the plants(well, I am biased about plants).

  28. And very creative are you. Your poetry and photography have long amazed me.

  29. I felt this same way when I started painting on silk...and later doing mosaic. So very FREE!

  30. Boo-tee-full indeed. You are inspiring me - the mental juices stir.

  31. It is said that if you do at least three of the arts then you are indeed a true artist...........You are a true artiste indeed.......an adventurous artist seeking new horizons with your challenges.....................well done.


  32. It seems like if we are twins ;) I just love creating too
    Hugs and Kisses Babs ♥ ♥ ♥

  33. On The Wings of A Butterfly
    by Corky Ferguson
    Your friendship is special
    Like the flowers that bloom,
    Or when a butterfly emerges
    From within its cocoon...

    You remind me of that butterfly,
    Loving and free,
    Bright and colorful,
    For the world to see...

    We will share sunshine and rainbows;
    Sometimes, the rain and the snow;
    We'll stand together through it,
    While the cold winds blow...

    When the time is right,
    We won't stop to ask "Why?"
    Our friendship will take flight
    On the wings of a butterfly ...

  34. The same can be said to you too Rita. You photos and your stories...Well done.

  35. Aww Rashmi you have so much talent yourself. Do try all and anything that you desire for your creative bent as its a creative soup for the soul...

  36. I did a silk painting course and adored every minute of it..Agreed!

  37. Be inspired Cris..Be very inspired. LOL.

  38. How special Christen e that you to have now joined this tour..What a wonderful story you wove on your post..keep it up.

  39. Aww you do such creative works on your site Babs..yes creativity runs through our veins....Xoxox

  40. What a awesome poem Jools....I am so honured that you chose to share it here..Thank You so much xoxo

  41. Highly creative gal you be, but then again I knew that. Creative folk are ones I like to surround myself with. I tried china painting a couple years back and didn't work out well for me, far to tedious and pain staking, but I may well get back into painting again though its been years, but like riding a bike ... you never forget how.

    This was a good reminder here of all the possibilities await us if we dare take that creative urge and at least try.

    Thanks again for stopping by Milli ... say is that a new hair style you have now. Looks really good. Huggers 8=)