Monday, March 30, 2009

Pictures to Words ~ My Caption.

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Using Sarah's photo

My words.

Hollywood Tape explanation Here.


  creative challenge 


 Hollywood Tape Detail.


  1. LOL! It certainly looks like someone has just been insulted. :-]

  2. What's Hollywood tape Milli? I could make a guess...

  3. I am sorry that you may not of heard of this. I now have a link in the post so that you will understand my " Joke". Click on it to read. Hollywood Tape.

  4. looks like the blond farted and they all suspect each other!!

  5. It would likely take the whole box to keep my girls contained. LOL

  6. LOL
    maybe it was "pepe le pew perfume"...

  7. LOLLLLLL @ Rita....Will that be 10 strips madam or 100?

  8. AH it holds your dress in place, I thought it might be boob taping ha ha ha ha

  9. Ol' Peppy Le Peww....I love the guy....
    never takes "NO" for an

  10. too funny Milli !!! - great find!!!! made ma laugh!

  11. Clicked you caption and was led into a flicker or something trap
    Hollywood Tape?
    I assume this is Gaffa tape used by members of that skill to patch things together for the 'Take'.?
    And yes it is used for face lifting.
    I wear it all the time. lol

  12. LOL you were taken into my Flickr account when you clicked on the photo Bill. That is where I uploaded the original into to get the caption on the photo. No problems with that now all is well.
    LOL@gaffa Tape too. The things women do to keep a good shape these days under those oh so skimpy outfits.
    See how the lady in the black in the photo has a nice shape at the bust-line?Where as the blond is pulled down and not so perky. Tape applied one way will leave a woman looking deflated LOL.
    I guess that was enough of science lesson for a day? Your face holds well with the gaffa tape BTW.

  13. Iffy I would always laugh at Pepe...He has to be the ultimate Luver!!!! with a one track mind all the way....Reminds me of a saying.."Vitch Vay Did Zee Voomen Go?"

  14. Can you get Hollywood tape for oversized older ladies whose figure seems to be going in a direct Southwards direction? I had never heard of the stuff before - now I know how they do it.

  15. Hi Pat, anyone can use it however it is used for a short time only for those who are wearing something showy and slinky. Now if you get into this situation anytime just ask me and I will make suggestions to you. Somehow I feel that you would not be going strapless or backless or extremely low cut anytime too soon? Maybe I am wrong? I know your summer is not to far away.

  16. OUCH!!! Isn't that the sticky stuff that keeps the breasts behind the fabric on those low cut navel level dresses? The guy should have given her the wrong tape!!!

  17. I just found out what that was not too long ago! (How do you get that stuff off???)

    Good one!